Effective Steps to Optimize Your Joomla Websites

When you have selected Joomla as your CMS and added your creativity to design beautiful templates, you must be excited to start your own website. If you have introduced the basic Joomla, you must carry out a proper installation process. Though Joomla is not an SEO friendly platform right from the beginning, you may follow some simple steps for optimizing your Joomla website:

Select The Right Server:  If you are working on a shared hosting account, rewriting the modules can be difficult. You must use the right server for avoiding the hiccups and the issues within the platform.

Htaccess.txt To Be Renamed To .htaccess: After selecting the server, you must take care of the renaming activities. To enable the rewriting of URL, you must rename the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess. This version is supported by the Joomla platform and you can use mod_rewrite for rewriting the URL.

Install JCE Editor:  The editor is free of cost with excellent features that help in maintaining your site properly. You may provide instructions for not stripping the codes which can be added with the editor. It can also provide an excellent interface for adding images with dimensions and alt tags.

Image Dimensions And Alt Tag:  The JCE Editor helps in adding alt text for describing the image and inserting the right dimensions with the help of proper image uploading tool. When you are adding the image dimensions, it actually provides the space before the original image appears. This definitely improves the loading time and makes it quicker. The bulk email marketing services in Mumbai apply the image alt tags if they use images in their promotional campaigns.

Consistent Internal Links:  Duplicate content can be a serious issue when you are using the Joomla platform. Your internal linking must be consistent either you are using them in the www or the non www version. Always remember in linking with just a single version of your page.

Facilitate Gzip : For compressing your code, you can improve the load times by using the Gzip. With Joomla, you can enable the Gzip by navigating to the Global configuration to the server. The option of the Gzip compression can be set to ‘Yes’. This function will only work properly if the mod_gzip is installed within your server.

Supervise Meta Data: Though Meta keyword tags are widely used, the title tags and meta description is really very important. With the SEO Boss tool, you can use the Meta tag manager for managing your Meta data in a proper way. You can navigate to different menus and can modify your titles and descriptions manually. A single screen will help you in modifying the Meta data directly from the interface. The only disadvantage of this tool is that it is not compatible with any other installed components.

Allow URL Rewriting And SEF URLs:  In the settings section, you can observe options like ‘Use URL Rewriting’ and ‘Search Engine Friendly URLs’. You can set ‘Yes’ to the options. There are also other options which can be left up to you for discretion purposes. In most of the cases, the titles can be separately created for each instance.

Speed Up:  Joomla cannot increase the page speed right out of the box. You can leverage the browser caching and can compress the images by enabling the Gzip compression.

You are required to apply a strong onsite optimization for making your Joomla work for you. The recent algorithm changes of Google have considered stricter rules for the poorly optimized websites. Therefore the optimization process of the Joomla must be dealt in the correct manner by following the above mentioned steps.

Robin Williams is a well-known Joomla expert with GingerDomain. He assists website owners by continuously providing effective steps for optimizing and making the most out of your Joomla website.

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