Effective Tips for Keyword Research and SEO for Amazon Sellers

Keyword research is regarded as a fundamental part of the Amazon search optimization and it entails looking for all the relevant keywords meant for a product. Relevant keywords are nothing but the search terms which a customer would be using for finding your product on Amazon. Here are some valuable tips that you need to follow while doing keyword research and SEO for Amazon sellers.

Your SEO Must Target Your Specific Audience

It is easier to adopt a cookie-cutter approach to SEO and assume that one size would fit all when it comes to SEO. However, in reality, different search engines would be demanding different things. What really works for Google would not necessarily be the best for Amazon. So you must never forget to target your precise audience while you are doing your SEO from the perspective of an Amazon seller. The greatest difference is that with Amazon, you certainly need to be quite meticulous and detailed as compared to what you would be doing on Google.

Understand What the Audience Is Seeking on Amazon

Compiling a list containing general keywords could be quite an easy affair. It would be involving things such as DVDs, books, clothing, Kindle etc. It would be the broadest definition of your product that is on sale on Amazon. This would be plummeting your SEO ranking, simply because your competitors would be doing just the same. You could create tiers of keywords that are based basically on your research which would be narrowing down the scope such as, Blu-Ray, first edition books, men’s hoodies, Kindle Fire HD, etc. Keeping your products on display 24×7 along with competitive pricing could really pay on Amazon.

Conform to the SEO Structure of Amazon

Amazon talks about a particular way they desire their sellers to go on imputing information on the Amazon search engine. You are advised to conform to the precise SEO structure of Amazon. This could be somewhat more convenient and easier as compared to chalking out your own SEO for Google. This is simply because Amazon seems to have already completed their research. They are looking for specific kinds of phrases and words which would lead to conversions as their ultimate objective is actually to sell products. You must give them what they are looking for.

Generate Unique & Truly Compelling Copy

Once you have successfully filled in the formulaic part, you could consider getting slightly creative. You should never forget that your primary objective or focus is certainly to convert hits effectively into sales. You must, therefore, write compelling and original copy to achieve that. If you get stuck somewhere, inform your buyers about how the product would work for them, instead, of simply describing the product features.

Stuff It with Maximum Information

You must fill it up with all the possible information. There is absolutely no reason for you to leave any information field blank. Empty fields would imply the potential risk of purchasers skipping accidentally, over your listing as you have failed to let them know that you have got exactly what they are seeking.

Customize Your Keywords as per Competitiveness

Try to identify keywords that are really high, as far as, search volume is concerned and definitely, low in competition. Locating such keywords would require some practice. You need to have persistence and patience to uncover such keywords and of course, with a little bit of luck, you could successfully tailor your keywords as per competitiveness. Consider using a popular keyword search tool. You could then choose the best keywords that would be attracting the right kind of audience for your products.

Disregard Your Competitors

It is essential to overlook the existence of your competitor altogether and forge ahead. Remember, no two sellers on Amazon are exactly the same. You may be interested in learning about your competitors and their pricing but trust me; it would be even more fruitful if you devote the time to chalking out your own SEO plans and strategies.


Remember that consistency is the name of the game. It is important to strike a wonderful balance between getting the standard formula yet, maintaining your uniqueness and creativity. Do not ever forget that Amazon has designed the search engine in a unique manner but you should be able to balance that with an original and compelling copy.

Author Bio: Janice Stevenson is an SEO expert who suggests the use of effective keyword search tool so that you could choose the best keywords that would be attracting the right kind of audience for your products. She is an avid blogger and constantly comes up with tips, strategies, and tricks for keyword research meant for the sellers on Amazon.

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