Easy SEO Tips That Every Entrepreneur Should Know


SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become an essential part of marketing strategy. Entrepreneurs must know that having a website is a necessity, especially for marketing a product or service.

However, having a website running is only half of the real battle, SEO is the next step. SEO means making a website noticeable to people that are effectively searching for what the business have to offer. Getting a website to rank in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is the priority of SEO.

It may sound complicated, but it is not. Here are some SEO tips that entrepreneur should know.

Always Develop a Content-Marketing Strategy

Each website must have a content strategy that focuses on the top keywords. When creating contents like videos, whitepapers, blog posts, webinars and research reports, it should give people something they can link.

Moreover, the content created must rank in the search engines. Content will have a possibility of ranking because of the certain words used in the title and the body post. Also, the content can rank if a post gets linked to other websites or if it gets shared plenty of time on social medias. It will also help if the website has significant high-quality links.

Unique Content

It is best to secure that each blurb, pun, or explanation written are specifically for the site. If the website sells products that are also sold somewhere, creating an original product description will allow Google to rank more.

Meta Descriptions, Headers, and Alt Tags

Besides content and keywords, meta descriptions are also important in SEO. Secure that the page has an interesting meta description. Interesting enough to entice everyone when they see it in the search results. Headers hold a strong importance as well. If possible, try using a keyword in headers but make it as seamless as possible. Also, headers need to be a significant description of the page or section is pertaining.

It is also important to guarantee that the photo placed in the site has alt tag and description. Both qualifications will help Google in understanding what is in the picture.


Entrepreneurs must be conscious on placing the appropriate keywords throughout the site. There should be a consideration about the title, content, URLs, and name of the images. Also, think about the keywords as the search terms, understand how people will search for a certain topic, and know their prior interests.


Always remember that SEO is a huge component to marketing nowadays and entrepreneurs should never overlook the things that SEO could do for their business. There are a lot of benefits that SEO could give to the venture. Entrepreneurs just need to be patient with the process of SEO management.

This guest post is courtesy of Wade Cockfield. Founder and CEO of Wade Cockfield SEO Company, Wade Cockfield is also part of SEO Melbourne. His company focuses on giving content solutions that are effective for both entrepreneurs and normal people who are interested in marketing matters. Wade has a broad knowledge about Digital Marketing and often writes articles that talk about topics under it.


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