Better Business: 3 Building Exterior Renovation Breakthroughs To Pay Attention To

When visitors arrive on your business property, they will notice the decorations and overall design of the landscaping and the building. When the design isn't maintained or is outdated, then visitors might think that the business doesn't care for the interior of the building. There are some design ideas for a renovation project that you can consider that will bring life to the outside of the building.

A Pop Of Color

You want the exterior of the business to be vibrant and inviting. One way that you can accomplish this is to add flowers that are bright in color as well as decorations that are painted in inviting colors. The colors that you use should reflect the products and services of the business. If you own a landscaping business, then the colors could be shades of green and yellow. A medical office might use blue or shades of red when decorating. When visitors arrive at the office, they will see that you take pride in a warm and welcoming environment. Make sure that the colors carry through to the inside of the building as well.

Paving The Way

Visitors and employees will need a place to walk from the parking area to the front of the business. A sidewalk lined with decorative lighting, a small fence or flowers is a quaint idea that offers a welcoming appearance. You can create a large asphalt area, using professionals like Lakeridge Paving Company, if there isn't a lot of room to work with to create a sidewalk. Another option is to make a pathway using pavers or large stones that rest on the ground so that they are flat when walking on them. You can get a little more creative with these materials, creating a walkway that has a shape to it instead of one that is in a straight line. It also allows for planting flowers between the stones or pavers that are used.

Water Features

One of the renovation trends when it comes to the exterior of a building is water features. It could be something as simple as a birdbath or something as extravagant as a large pond with fish and plants. Consider the space that you have to work with as you don't want the feature to take over the exterior of the building. A nice waterfall along the side of the building is a soothing design idea for guests and employees to enjoy.

The exterior of your business is the first and last impression that visitors will have. Renovate the space to reflect the service that is offered and the warmth that you want visitors to be greeted with when they enter the business. With a few ideas, you can create an area that is beautiful to look at from the outside and inside of the building.

This guest post is courtesy of Emma Sturgis.


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