Business Unlocked: You Need to Know The Truth About Property Preservation

You might be wondering how banks, lenders, or any other financial institutions who have foreclosed properties like houses in your neighborhood can remodel, repair, and maintain these properties so that it can be sold just like new.

Property preservation companies provide services to those financial institutions who need maintenance, renovations or repairs, and cleaning services to remodel foreclosed properties.

As a small business who wants to venture the industry of property preservation, it is important to know the possible challenges that you may face while being in the industry. At the same time, you will also learn that there are still high chances for you in the business.

Challenges You May Face in the Property Preservation Industry

There are several problems that the property management industry continues to face until now. As a matter of fact, research shows that the working state of the property maintenance management industry will stay active in the coming years, but it will drop sooner or later.

There is a projection that with the consumer assurance and low-interest rates, the residential construction value will extend quickly and it will cause a rapid increase in the housing stock.

Consequently, the need for property preservation business' services will eventually decrease according to a calculation, wherein there will be an increase in the rate of homeownership in the United States.

With this, companies should provide services like long-term maintenance contracts and other related real-estate services that will draw more occupants to fight this challenge.


The Bright Side of Property Preservation Industry for Small Businesses

On the positive note, there is a study in 2010 that states an increase of 23%  in the number of foreclosures in the United States since 2008. Additionally, the property preservation business industry has contributed $62 billion of profit and an attached 3.3% growth for the years 2011 to 2016.

It means that despite the several challenges that the industry faces, the property preservation business starters have a real opportunity of growing in the industry.

The property maintenance industry offers business success and profitable gains for those who want to venture with the right connections, skills in business management, business plan, and willingness to do the work in preservation services.


Start Your Property Preservation Business

You can start this kind of business at home, whether it's in your garage or anywhere near a location full of foreclosed houses and other properties, without the need to rent facilities or place where you can start your property preservation business.

Given the right location near an area with foreclosed properties like houses, you already have the potential to gather clients like landlords and lenders, and it will be a good start for your property preservation business.

As long as you have the required equipment and tools, a place where you can gather your files like plans and other documents like contracts, then you are ready to go.


Useful Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses in the Property Preservation Industry

For your property preservation business, there is no need to spend a lot. But you can still be able to capture your client's’ attention through being innovative in promoting your business. Here are few marketing ideas for your property preservation from

  • Business cards– produce a professional business card with your brand name on it. You can give it away to your potential clients like banks, landlords, and financial institutions for every time you have the opportunity to do so.
  • Brand your car – It is important to have a truck or car which can carry your property preservation equipment and tools. Even if you are still a small business, consider branding your car and put your business’ logo with a catchy message on it.
  • Build Your Website – It is essential for every business to create a wider customer base. In creating your website, you can provide your target audience the contact details of your business, and what your business is all about including the services you offer.



Property preservation is indeed a tough job. In starting this kind of business, you will face a harsh environment of competitions and fluctuating rate of business growth. However, with the right connections, business management skills, and willingness to do the job, the industry offers a successful growth for business starters.

It is imperative that every company must have its competitive advantages which include an excellent property preservation plan of how you are going to manage the business successfully. There are a lot of marketing techniques, strategies, and other useful business ideas that you can use in running property preservation companies.


This guest post is courtesy of Maria Estrada. She is the business associate of PrintMeister, an online company that produces high-quality cheap business cards, brochures, and the likes. She loves to write articles that guide smart entrepreneurs and business starters.


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