4 Summer Office Comfort Strategies Your Employees Will Thank You For

The summer months are often filled with employees taking vacations and perhaps being too warm in the office or other areas of the building so that they don't want to get a lot of work done during the day. As a business owner, you need to think about the comfort of your employees so that they are productive. Talk to the employees to find out exactly why they aren't comfortable before implementing a lot of changes.

Casual Dress Codes

When employees are required to wear uniforms or certain types of clothing to work, it can sometimes make them warmer than if they were allowed to wear casual clothing. You still need to set a few restrictions on the kind of clothes that can be worn, but employees should at least be able to wear shorts and short-sleeve shirts without receiving any kind of warning from the company. If there aren't any safety hazards, then consider letting employees, especially those who work in the office, wear flip-flops or sandals.

Turn Down The Temperature

A professional company, like Ragan Mechanical Inc, can come to install more vents in the business or install a better air conditioning system so that colder air circulates through the building. You also need to schedule maintenance checkups to have the unit inspected and ensure that it's operating properly. You'll need to monitor how cold it gets in the business because there are some who might not want extremely cold temperatures while working.

Fun Summer Events

There are a few things that you can do for employees to help keep them cool and provide motivation during the summer. Host an ice cream party on a Friday after work, or let an ice cream truck come by during the week over the summer. Allow employees to explore areas outside of the business that offer cooler environments. This will allow them to learn about ways to improve the company while keeping them active so that they don't get distracted during the warm summer days.

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Comfortable Seating

Make sure employees are comfortable while they are sitting. Get new chairs and desks that will support the back, legs, and wrists while employees are working. Another idea is to change out the seating in the lobby so that it's comfortable for customers and employees who want to sit in the area while on a break.

When your employees are comfortable in the summer, they can stay just as focused during this time of the year as they can during the rest of the year. Offer a few fun activities for them to enjoy. Take their minds off of work by sending them on errands or sending them to classes to learn more about the business and how to improve their skills.

This guest post is courtesy of Emma Sturgis.


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