Benevolent Capitalism as the Source for a Sustainable Future

A sustainable future is a future in which what we do, and what we create, unlocks further possibility. It is a future that enables the earth to generate and create itself and, vitally, is one in which we benefit by what the earth creates and generates – not by what we can take from it. A sustainable future is a future that grows and expands of its own volition. Benevolent Capitalism is the source for that sustainable future.


What is Benevolent Capitalism?

First, let’s take a look at capitalism. A capitalist is someone who knows how to grow capital; capitalism is what you engage in to create both money and possibilities. It is highly innovative and highly creative, and was originally developed by people trying to establish a faster and quicker way to create change. Capitalism is actually a source for change and can create a place where sustainability of future is real. Unfortunately, capitalism has become about what we can take, to get more, rather than what we can contribute to the universe, to bring us more.

That’s what’s different about Benevolent Capitalism. A Benevolent Capitalist takes innovation and creation and asks, “How can we use this in a way that is for the good of us all?”


Here are three characteristics of Benevolent Capitalism: 

  1. Mutual Contribution

Benevolent means that you shall do as little harm as possible. You don’t do anything to get a specific result; you do it to create a greater result. You look at what is going to create more; not what is going to create less. Benevolent capitalism is how you can contribute to others as well as yourself. It’s functioning from the question of ‘What are the possibilities?” and not “How much profit can I make?”

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  1. Receiving

The whole world begins with you. When you are being a Benevolent Capitalist, you are capable of receiving everything that the world has to offer, including money. If you don’t love money, you can’t be a Benevolent Capitalist. Every day, the world, the universe and nature provide us with an example of contribution. It offers us a benevolent point of view about how to be with everything and opens the door to how you can create more.


  1. Kindness

If you’re a Benevolent Capitalist, you’re actually kind to yourself. You don’t look at situations from a place of “What can I get from others here?” but rather, “What can I contribute here and how can this work for all of us?”

So, how can you, as an individual, create something greater? How can you start to function in the world as a Benevolent Capitalist?

You need to see things from a different point of view. Start to ask these questions:

  • What can I be and do as an individual to become a Benevolent Capitalist?
  • How are my choices going to contribute to other people, and who are the people who can receive the contribution?
  • Is there something I can change here that would create more?
  • What future am I creating with the choices I am making?
  • What am I creating that will make this a sustainable world?

The people who function from the gift of being benevolent in their capitalism, and not having to have a piece of the pie, are the people who create more for everyone and everything. Would you be willing to be a Benevolent Capitalist? Would you be willing to create and contribute for the good of us all? 

This guest post is courtesy of Gary Douglas. He is an internationally recognized thought leader, bestselling author, business innovator and founder of Access Consciousness®, a set of simple-yet-profound tools currently transforming lives in 173 countries. He has authored or co-authored 17 books including the Barnes and Noble #1 bestselling novel, The Place. An avid investor and entrepreneur, Gary is a vocal advocate for Benevolent Capitalism and benevolent leadership. He co-hosts a weekly radio on Voice America and has featured in numerous TV shows, print media and online publications around the world. He is renowned for his unique insights on love, relationships, money, business, aging, leadership and emotional freedom. Follow @garymdouglas and on Facebook.Gary will be hosting a series of workshops worldwide on Benevolent Capitalism. For more information visit,


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