10 Habits That Will Totally Transform Your Productivity

Tell me honestly do you feel that you lack on meeting the deadlines? Well a lot of us does not make it to the deadlines and thus need more time to accomplish the tasks. Let me first of all clear one thing that people who manage to accomplish the task on time are not superhuman. One thing which makes them the achievers is the art of managing the task.

Some people are born organizers however, it is not like you cannot develop these skills later in life. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the habits that will totally transform your productivity.

  1. Tidy workstation:

Although we admit that creativeness may arise form bedlam, however, having untidiness around you, will going to shake your focus. According to a recent study at Harvard, people who work in neat and tidy space are less weary and exasperated and more tenacious.

  1. Quality not quantity:

Although this simple yet effective rule applies everywhere in life, however, in this particular situation it is most important of all. No matter how many hours you spent on a project if the quality time is not there you will not accomplish it.

To develop a habit of providing quality time instead of quantity time on the job.

  1. Save the 20%:

Make a habit of spending 20% of your working hours in doing the most important tasks. If you have wasted the remaining 80% of your time in squandering even, then you can make progress. All you have to do is to stick to your habit.

  1. Part ways with the phone during work hours:

I know many of us will say, we do not use phones while working. However, it is the human nature that even if we do not respond to the buzzing of the phone, our mind started drifting and losing focus. Try to put your phone away from you if you do not want to switch it off.

  1. Focus on your HVAs:

HVAs or “high-Value Activities” are those activities which a person performs more efficiently. So the key rule to increase your productivity is to focus on the things you are good at and delegate the things you find pugnacious to someone else. As you never know, those may be someone else’s HVAs.

  1. Trail the frame of mind:

No one can work proficiently all day long. We have diverse mental states during the different hours. It would be a lot easier for you to handle the mindboggling tasks with a fresh mind. Similarly, leave the mindless tasks for when you feel fatigued.

  1. Take a nap:

Many may not approve the idea of workplace dozers. However, a small nap during office hours will increase your productivity.

  1. Watch out for productivity killers:

To dodge the distractions, you first have to pinpoint them. Give below are some of the demolishers of workplace productivity.

These include gossiping, texting, internet, and social media. Once you find a way to tackle them, I am sure focusing on your work to increase productivity will be a lot easier.

  1. Do not get too relaxed:

Although the deficiency of sleep decreases the productivity, however, it is also factual that oversleeping also make us dull and lessen the productivity.

  1. Adopt healthy habits:

There is a very close relationship between our lifestyle and our productivity. People who tend to eat healthy food, maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are more likely to have a higher level of productivity. Instead who stays up late are more likely to lack focus and productivity due to tired body and mind.

Here I have discussed some of the habits which may prove helpful in increasing your productivity. However, the most important thing to remember is that if want a permanent change in our productivity we have to adopt these habits like forever.

So, leave the weary soul behind and start a new to make your present and future better and to accomplish what you aim in stipulated time.

This guest post is courtesy of Jessica Watson. She has been writing for websites and blogs for three years now. She had a fair share of writing in various niches but her main focus on business, finance, and social media, and technology. Currently, she is working with Aurion UAE who offers Professional License in Dubai. They are providing their services across all states of UAE.







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