How Companies Can Take Advantage of Data Cleansing

Nowadays, every business wants to cut its cost and expenses and adjust its spending habits.  And because of these reasons, many companies are lacking their interest in acquiring efficient software. If you are one of those few companies who indeed want to cut down their unnecessary expenses then it is important to consider data cleansing software as an investment rather than an expense. Because an efficient and reliable data cleansing software can indeed save your company a lot of money per annum.

One of the main problems that companies face is duplicate data which generates too much level of spending for the business. The main reason behind acquiring data cleansing software is because it eliminates duplicated data and mainly avoids mistakes like misguided funds. According to a study report, businesses nearly end up losing more than 6 million dollars in a year because of not employing efficient data cleansing tools.

But depending on a good, efficient and reliable data cleansing software, the quality of the data will be increased greatly. When you have too much of duplicate data, data cleansing software will compare two or more files and will get rid of duplicated data forever and those you will remain with the latest data that is in your hand. Of course, there are too many ways in which you can spend more money because of duplicate data. For example, if you have a telemarketing team who market a particular product or service over the phone then your employees will end up calling the same person again and again because of the duplicate data. Because of this, even your loyal customers’  interest will also decline and at the end of the day, they tend to ignore your calls and even emails which come from your marketing team.

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Regardless of the size of your business, wasting too much money will definitely do not look good both for your business and your clients. By relying on an efficient data cleansing software, you can make sure that your money stays within the company, not on poor marketing decisions or any other for that matter. The sole purpose of data cleansing software is to eliminate any duplicate information that is in the records and to find out if there is any abnormal data which should be removed manually. In addition to that,  an efficient data cleansing software can eliminate can delete irrelevant data and keep only data that is relevant for the company's activities and management decisions.

Also, you will certainly able to utilize data cleansing software to improve the accuracy of your data which is collected by your employees. Having an accurate data will remove all the potential address and mistakes in the future. You will never have to make decisions based on information that is not valid and you will certainly not end up with nothing by losing money because of the duplicate data.

There is another important element that data cleansing software can really assist you with is in keeping your day to day business on track by monitoring regular data entry activities. According to a marketing survey done by Tetra data found that more than 40% of marketers identify that several departments in a company did not utilize data in an efficient way.  Making sure that the data is good can offer significant increase not only in business value but also in other areas of business. Not just one or two, but there are too many expenses that are involved in wrongful invoice data, manual troubleshooting, and by cleansing their data.

In order to give you a better understanding of the usage of data cleansing,  here are top 5 advantages of data cleansing software.

  1. Increases the effectiveness and efficiency of customer acquisition activities – Companies Can greatly increase the customer acquisition activities by often cleansing the data as a better prospect list having a 100% clean data can be created. Not just once or twice, companies should make sure that the data is free from redundancy and his up-to-date throughout the marketing process. Having a clean data can ensure your company's returns are greater of all means of communication. The data which generates through various sources can also easily manage buy data cleansing software which provides the company with the great opportunity to carry out great management decisions and marketing campaigns.
  2. Enhances decision-making process – One of the effective decisions that a business has to make is customer data. According to the report, the data in average business doubles every 1 year and the data may look fine and neat at first, but later the data will be loaded with a lot of mistakes and errors. Still,  there are several companies who fail to understand the importance of data quality management.  in fact,  we the don't even maintain a proper set of records of the last time they had an effective quality control for the customer’s data. That is why it is important to have an accurate data that can help companies in making better business decisions.
  3. Optimizes business practices – Removing duplicate data from the records can actually exist companies in optimizing business practices along with saving lots of money. Having data cleansing in place can also help in finding specific profile descriptions within the company can be modified all of those vacancies can be incorporated somewhere else.
  4. Improves productivity – Having a clean and well-kept records can assist companies in ensuring that the employees are making their best effort to make things work with the customers. The first and foremost thing the data cleansing does is that that it prevents your employees from reaching out to customers with information that is not up to date. This is one of the main reasons behind lacking productivity. Having an up to date database can help employees from doing so. 
  5. Increases revenue – Who doesn't want to increase their company revenue? Companies which work on increasing consistency and up to date information on the records can seriously enhance their response rates which may later result in increased revenue.
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This guest post is courtesy of Mohd.Sohel Ather. DataLadder – The Leader in Data Cleansing Software


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