An Inside Look At Our Web Design Marketing Funnel

No job can be as tough as the one of a salesperson; they have to call people who are not expecting their call and convince them to buy something they did not ask for. Cold calling is tough. Even if you are good at it, you have to look for other means to drive revenues, such as effective “online marketing.  Unlike sales, marketing approach is less risky and ensures a higher success rate.

What are funnels?

Businesses assess, manage and analyze their marketing performance to multiply the effectiveness and optimize the ROI (return on investment). They want their website visitors to take certain actions and increase the conversion rates. This conversion journey of a visitor starts from landing on the page and ends at taking the desired action. And, the series of steps involved throughout the process is known as “funnel”. These funnels are aimed at bringing the prospect closer to purchase.

Why a business needs marketing funnel?

Having a powerful marketing funnel is essential to magnetize new business leads. Almost every successful business has a marketing funnel to keeps its sales up and running. Mentioned here are some of the components you need to integrate into your funnel:

Traffic Sources:

No matter what niche market you perform in, one of your key purpose of online marketing is to drive traffic because of everything from your sales to your conversions, branding to email subscriptions, are dependent on web traffic. The best part is that there are plentiful of sources to drive traffic, such as email marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, podcasts, and blogs. Try to keep your traffic targeted. Less number of potential leads are better than streams of confused visitors.

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Lead Generation

Once your visitors land on your site, you should have multiple tactics in your armory to convert them into “active leads” who are keen to share their information with you. it can be in any form, from filling up the contact form to calling you to paying you a visit in flesh; all you need here is to have a way to get these invisible prospects approach you.

Follow Up

Not all of your leads will convert into buyers, especially when your product is pricey, as people will think several times before buying it. With an automated follow up in place can help you reconnect with the leads that got dropped out due to loss of connection, technical fault, unintentional exit, or s/he decided to just leave. When your prospects are ready to buy, your follow-up will increase the odds to buy from you.

Different Revenue Sources

Even when you have a high-priced product/service to sell, you need to focus on other less costly revenue sources as well. Some people add less-priced things to their cart or buy them before placing a big order to check whether the retailer or seller is a real deal or not.


Numbers matter when you know how to crunch them rightly. Measure everything, your sales, revenues, marketing, traffic, so that you can make informed decisions. You should know which traffic sources are generating greater leads, and which ones are more prone to increase your revenue. Being mindful of such information, you can easily prioritize the way you advertise your company.

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This guest post is courtesy of Mawiya karam. She is a passionate writer and travel enthusiasts. She has been working as a marketing head in a web design company in Dubai. With an experience of working for different niche markets, she has gained a solid insight into business marketing.


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