Expanding Your Business? 3 Structural Points To Look At

If your business is experiencing rapid growth, you may have to consider expanding your current facility to accommodate more equipment, inventory or employees. The design of an addition must include basic features of the original structure in a way that functions efficiently as a whole. Errors in the design of these features can mean increased expense and additional construction in the future. Here are 3 structural points to consider in your business expansion design.

1—Proper HVAC Coverage

Any expansion project must include adequate HVAC connection to ensure the comfort and safety of new areas. This measure may require an investment in new equipment to handle the expanded load. A unit that is too large can be as problematical as one that is too small, and using the recommended formula for your space can help you to determine the best size unit for your needs. Consultation with a HVAC contractor can ensure that you have a properly sized unit to ensure efficient operation and cost savings throughout the year.

2—Proper Plumbing Connections

Your expansion plans should also include proper plumbing connections to ensure sufficient water supplies for restrooms, lunchrooms areas, cleaning operations and other water-sourced projects for your business. Increased water use may also require additional sewer connections, drainage features and other considerations. A reliable plumbing contractor, like those at Moon Valley Plumbing, can help advise you on the best system for your water needs, including hot water delivery and water disposal requirements.

3—Sufficient Parking Access

You will also have to factor in increased vehicle use for your expanded business operations. If you fail to provide adequate parking for your customers, they will be less inclined to frequent your business. Similarly, if your business will require more frequent shipping or deliveries, you will also have to account for loading and unloading tasks on the property. Business owners must carefully consider these additional needs when expanding their operations to maximize property assets for these tasks.

Planning a business expansion can take considerable time and research to ensure that the project provides adequate systems for the new operations that the facility will house. If you fail to design these features into the property initially, you will be faced with additional expense to do them as add-ons. Careful planning in the design stage can minimize construction costs and maximize property features. Taking these 3 areas into your planning will go a long way toward making your expansion plans a success.

This guest post is courtesy of Emma Sturgis. 


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