Simple Organizational Skills To Score New Clients

One of the main goals in practically every business is to gain new clients. New clients mean more money and growth for your business. Sometimes, however, potential clients can slip through the cracks, and your business loses the chance to close the sale with them. How does this happen, you ask? One way that your business could be losing potential clients is by poor organizational skills within the company. Missed calls, forgotten emails and dropped client meetings can all play a role in the loss of clients. One way to minimize the loss of clients and to score new ones is to put in place simple organizational skills and routines in your company to help shore up these cracks. Below is a list of such skills that can help your business succeed in acquiring new clients.

Establish a Schedule

This is of critical importance. Putting in place a schedule is necessary, whether it be just for you or for an entire business. A schedule provides routine and structure to your time and your business' time. It can effectively help you organize your work time and can help make sure that no potential clients get overlooked. Setting a personal schedule within your business schedule is important to prioritize tasks and get as much done as possible.

A schedule can be more goal oriented or more time oriented, depending on which works best for you. The point, however, is that you and your company need to be organized around a schedule for optimal growth.

Set Goals

This point is closely related to the previous point. You and your business need goals to help steer and focus the direction of your company. Without clearly established goals, you and your company can become a bit adrift and lack a clear sense of purpose. You can use goal setting to organize your marketing to new clients. Scheduling can be closely tied to this as well. One such way of doing this, for example, would be setting a goal of a certain number of new clients acquired every month, or a certain amount of potential clients emailed or called every week. The ways of implementing goals can be suited to fit your needs in an almost infinite fashion. The principle of goal setting, however, remains the same.

Utilize Technology

Technology is a wonderful tool that has allowed businesses to grow and expand beyond previous generations' wildest dreams. One way that technology can help your business grow is by organizational software designed to help organize your business and keep it up to date. One such type of software is Customer Relation Management, or CRM for short. One way that CRM software helps you manage your customer relations is by consolidating different aspects of your business, from emails to sales activity. This is perhaps the main function of CRM software and can help you organize and manage your business' connection to customers in one, convenient hub. There are many other uses for CRM software as well, such as customer tracking, targeted marketing and customer feedback. As with any software, it is good to incorporate lifecycle management into your programs to ensure their long-term success.

At the end of the day, no one wants to lose potential clients due to lack of organization. In reality, that may be the most disheartening way to miss out on closing a deal with a new client. By implementing the simple organizational skills listed above, you can help ensure that you never miss out on a new client due to lack of organization, and can hopefully start scoring new clients as soon as possible.

This guest post is courtesy of Robert Cordray. 


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