Startups and Foosball: A Match Made in Heaven?

Foosball: one of the most addicting tabletop games one can play. With the trend of the integration of different fields becoming extremely common, we have begun to spot a lot of foosball tables in a variety of different businesses and companies. While the purpose of these activities and tools is to increase the efficiency of the team, attract new talents to become employees at your firm, and make your brand more likeable in general, is it really serving its purpose in startups?



Putting out a new idea in front of the market in the form of a startup business is a brave decision. It requires careful planning, thoughtful analysis, and the ability to comprehend the implications of a constantly fluctuating market. Most of the times, the initial focus of the group is to make sure that the maximum number of high achieving and skilled professionals apply for the available positions and so the owners of the startups, to make themselves look more desirable.



Foosball is a very effective table soccer game that allows employees to take brief five minute breaks to freshen their minds and lets them make decisions in a different environment than the one in their working cubicle. Control your urge to get a foosball setup right away as you begin with your startup as it will only be a waste of time, money, and space.



Just like racers pace their run so they have the appropriate speed and distance covered in relevance to particular time limit, we also need to pace the progress our startups make. Instead of diving into it right away, plan according to your situation and let it be a self serving, gradual process by assessing the situation when it arises.

If you decide to introduce your team to a whole ‘gaming lounge’ with several activities, including foosball, for them to do, they will indulge in it and subsequently end up feeling bored with it in a couple of months. It becomes horribly mundane once the novelty wears off. So instead of bombarding them right from the get go, pace your progress in a way that they have the optimum experience through your startup in such a manner that it helps to retain your brand in the process as well.

While antistress activities and equipment such as foosball tables are incredibly efficient tools to help improve the performance of the employees, it is also necessary to pay attention to how and when they are given these perks. For a startup, proper pacing is necessary. Perks should not only be introduced to attract highly skilled employees but should be implemented afterward in a close knit group, each individual of which is true to their cause and sincere in their intentions.

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