How to Transition from Entrepreneur to Investor in Three Years

Would you rather be an entrepreneur or an investor?

Both of course!

We hear so much about entrepreneurship in today’s world that we almost forget about the power of investing. And this is justified in most cases as the majority of people need entrepreneurship to help them achieve financial security and independence.

Only then do we have the luxury to think about investing large sums of money in other businesses.

So how long does it take to build up capital to invest?

Surely you need a hyper successful businesses with millions of dollars coming into your account, right?

You’ll find out later. First, let’s discuss the importance of entrepreneurship…

Achieving early goals

Most entrepreneurial journeys have humble beginnings. Months or years spent sleeping on a sofa or living in a garage with practically no money and little in the way of resources.

We all love hearing stories of triumph against crushing odds because it reminds us what’s possible for us if we choose to do the work. Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey is a vital step in your personal development. It moulds your character and shapes your persona, for better, or for worse.

Taking those first steps into entrepreneurship is one of the toughest things anyone can do. And for most of us, it’s one of the very few routes to a life of freedom and flexibility. Breaking free from the crazy corporate world can be earth-shattering in many ways but nothing beats the feeling of writing your own paycheck and achieving financial freedom.

For most people, this journey is required to become an investor.

This brings onto the topic of passive income…


The importance of passive income

As a business owner, your time is the most precious thing you have. Passive income is a powerful way to build wealth because you can set up systems that work for you to generate cash flow.

We’re lucky enough to live in a time where we can build businesses without having to invest thousands of dollars in capital to get started. There are plenty of passive income ideas that can be started on a fairly low budget.

Passive income is important to anyone who understands the value of time. It enables you to focus on multiple projects at once without spreading yourself too thin, and it’s vital when it comes to being an investor.

The world of investing is a different beast compared to starting your own business. There’s so much research to do, things to look out for and choices for you to make. It takes time to master all this stuff.

Time that you’ll have thanks to your businesses that produce passive income. We can learn almost anything we put our minds to, we just need to time to do it.

Leveraging the expertise of other people

Investing your money can be risky business, that’s why an entire industry exists for people that don’t want to become an expert themselves.

Some people prefer to put their trust in experts who can invest their money for them instead of doing it all themselves. And it’s a smart move because you have people that dedicate their entire career to understanding how to invest in a particular industry.

They eat, sleep and breathe the stuff!

Again, this is something you can do to save time and focus on the projects you want to work on. Investing your money is a long-term game in most cases but it’s a powerful way to expand your wealth and learn about other businesses.

To round things off, building those passive income streams is one the fastest ways for you to accrue wealth so you can build up enough cash flow for you to invest in other ventures.

So stop wasting time and start focusing on building those streams of passive income!


This a guest post. Ahmad is the owner of a blog by the name of Bengu, he’s crazy about helping people get their start online and spends his time researching and creating content that helps people reach their entrepreneurial goals.


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