6 Tips on How to Boost Productivity Up to 25%

Employees are the key piece of any business puzzle. It is simple math – if an employee is happy and productive, they work better to make your business grow. Knowing this, the only way to ensure office efficiency and get quality work done in time, is to boost employee productivity.

So, what can you do to make sure all business operation go smoothly? What turns a bad company into a productive powerhouse where all employees are happy? Here is what you need to know.

1. Promote Engagement

‘Without employee engagement, you can't keep your company alive. Think of it as the air the company is breathing – without it, it cannot be alive and grow.' – says Ivan Clemton, HR manager at Rush My Essay.

All successful businesses are based on employee engagement. Their employees show up on time, are willing to stay after hours, and do their job faster and more efficiently.

Basically, these employees are productive.

Even though this is the case, research shows that only 33% of the US workforce feels engaged in the workplace. Therefore, the first step to a successful business is to promote engagement.

2. Be Open to Changes

One of the biggest benefits of employing experts from various cultures and ages in a company is the idea of bringing innovation within. As a good employer, you must be open to changes and hear out the ideas of your employees. Making them part of the actual decision-making can do wonders with their productivity, especially in a small business. People want to work more when they are included in the actual work plan.

3. Delegate

Delegation often comes with risk, but it is highly important for improving the productivity and satisfaction of the staff. Be involved in the work of your employees, and delegate the tasks to those you find to be most fitting to finish them in time. Selecting the right person for the job will make them feel useful and satisfied once the job is finished well.

4. Reduce Distractions

There are many distractions that can kill productivity in the workplace, so try to reduce them. Still, no employer should eliminate social media or phones altogether. Many employees use social media to take a mental break or build professional connections, and this is actually proved to bring more productivity rather than less.

What can you do?

Don't force them into turning off their mobiles or introduce a no-phone policy. Simply encourage them to take breaks when they use the phone as a distraction, and ask them not to do so while working.

5. Provide the Right Equipment, Tools and Guidelines

If an employee lacks the right tools, equipment, or guidelines on what they need to do, you cannot expect them to perform the duty efficiently and timely. When an employer forgets to provide this combo, employees become counterproductive and simply spend most of their time looking for tools and waiting for paperwork.

This should not be an issue today. Nowadays, there are many modern programs, tools and various advanced equipments that make organization not only easy, but very fast, too. Invest in such equipment to speed up the work and keep your employees organized.

6. Motivate and Reward

In order to make an employee more productive, you need to motivate him. Tell your employee they are doing a great job, and use constructive criticism when they are not. Many employers make the mistake of forgetting to reward and praise good work, and the staff starts feeling underappreciated.

You can even go further and offer personal incentives for employees who work well, such as awards in the form of a free holiday or a raise based on achieved goals. This should lead to increased productivity in the workplace, and satisfaction in employees once you stand behind your promises.

These six tips should help you increase the productivity in the workplace within a very short timeframe. If you implement them all into your strategy, you can even reach 25% increase in productivity, and turn your business into a climbing success.


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