Steps Involved in Claiming General Liability Insurance

If you have an accident or any problem at the construction site, you will feel relieved knowing that you have general liability insurance for contractors already in place. With the help of this insurance, you won’t have to worry about medical costs if someone is injured at the site. You also won’t worry if the equipment used is badly damaged. You just have to file an insurance claim and the expenses will be covered.

The only problem is that the process sometimes seems difficult, depending on the insurance provider that you have chosen. Here are the steps to remember when you finally make an insurance claim.

  1. Contact the insurance provider first

As soon as the accident happens, contact the insurance broker or provider right away. They will most likely tell you to contact your insurance provider. This is true even if you are yet to be sued. When you provide advance notice, it will be easier to investigate and make judgments regarding the claim.

  1. Keep your insurance information

After you have taken out the policy, make sure that you keep all the details.  You will be asked about these details as you claim on the insurance. They will most likely ask your name, current contact information, business name, description of the claim and your policy number. Provide this information as soon as you can to avoid delaying the process.

  1. Make inquiries

If you are unsure about certain details regarding the terms of the insurance, try asking questions first. How much time is needed to process the claim? What will be covered under the insurance policy? What are the options if a lawsuit has been filed? When is a follow-up necessary? Any response you get from them should be recorded. If they violate their own words or they tell you a different story later, you can easily challenge them using the evidence you have kept.

  1. Respond to the lawsuit
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Although it helps that you have already informed your insurance provider regarding the possible lawsuit, it does not mean you have to give in to their demands as soon as the claim is made. There is also a possibility that the other party has filed a frivolous lawsuit. In this case, you can simply ask your lawyer to have the case dismissed. Try settling the case to avoid litigation in most cases, especially if you know you have no strong case to be presented in court.

Asking for an insurance claim could take a long time. You have to be prepared for it to drag on for a really long time considering that some insurance companies are very strict. You have to understand the steps involved so that you will take the appropriate steps.

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