19 Entrepreneurs Explain Their Favorite Business Podcast

Podcasts are booming and especially for entrepreneurs and business owners, it is a way to continue to grow and develop our leadership, marketing and even sales skills while continuing to run our ventures. Business owners only have so much time to execute and complete the millions of things on our to-do list so any way that we can multi-task in an efficient way is a great opportunity. Podcasting is a good way to do that. While driving or walking the dog, podcasts offer a way to learn and grow while sometimes completing other tasks. We have added a podcast to our blogging community and we wanted to hear from entrepreneurs some of their favorite business or entrepreneurial podcast.

#1- Startup Chat

Photo Credit: Alex Marlantes

My favorite podcast is Startup Chat with Hiten Shah and Stelli Efti. Where Startup Chat shines is in giving you the tactical knowledge to succeed. I find podcasts such as How I Built This detailing the success stories of well-known entrepreneurs inspiring, but very few podcasts provide the practical day-to-day knowledge of how to close a difficult sale, hire a highly sought after candidate, or survive the emotional roller coaster of being a first-time entrepreneur.

Thanks to Alex Marlantes, Everlance!

#2- Dear Handmade Life

Photo Credit: Adwoa Grier

I love listening to podcasts during my commute. My favorite podcast is Dear Handmade Life. Nicole and Delilah are the best. They both talk about their past and ongoing business experiences. The guests that they host are always quality, relevant and I learn something during each episode. The show is so entertaining and (BONUS…) you get a drink of the day recipe as well as a playlist pic from Delilah’s restaurant. The show is number 1 on my top 5.

Thanks to Adwoa Grier, Adwoa Design!

#3- The Family Business podcast

Photo Credit: Cathy Burford

One of my favorite business podcasts is The Family Business podcast. I co-own a business with my husband and son, so it's obviously very relevant to my business! It's so helpful to hear about other family businesses and how they deal with so many of the same issues we deal with. I appreciate that they tend to be shorter episodes (15 to 30 minutes), so it's not a huge time commitment to get inspired or helpful tips.

Thanks to Cathy Burford, Central Valley Entertainment Systems!

#4- Unmapped

Photo Credit: Jill Hendrickson

I really like Angelina Zeppieri's Unmapped. She's a writer – like me – who has had life-changing experiences while (or because of) travelling, just like me. I think so many people start businesses because of the potential for freedom to do things like travel, yet they get caught up in the daily grind of their business. They forget or just don't think they have time to travel but Angelina reminds us that it can be a life- and business-changing experience.

Thanks to Jill Hendrickson

#5- How I Built This

Photo Credit: Vladimir Gendelman

My favorite business/entrepreneurial podcast is ³How I Built This² from Guy Raz. I like it because they feature people who have established businesses to tell their stories of how they built their businesses, so I can learn from them by getting ideas to apply to my own business. Some of the podcasts featured the founders of Kate Spade, LinkedIn, Dell and 1-800-Got-Junk.

Thanks to Vladimir Gendelman, Company Folders!

#6- Pursuit With Purpose

Photo Credit: Anastasia Sharova

One of my favourite entrepreneurial podcasts is Pursuit With Purpose by Melyssa Griffin, an inspiring self-made online entrepreneur. Melyssa hosts interviews with thought leaders and famous entrepreneurs from different niches. Her guests don't just talk about their business journeys, they share their struggles, transformations and ways to reach your maximum potential, while living a balanced life. This podcast is a never-ending source of inspiration and a real power-up for every entrepreneur.

Thanks to Anastasia Sharova, Happy Bellyfish!

#7- Visibility Vixen

Photo Credit: Kristin Marquet

My favorite business podcast is the Visibility Vixen podcast hosted by former Hollywood actress-turned-entrepreneur, Michelle Lewis. She interviews some of the most successful female entrepreneurs. In each interview, she and her guests provide the simple yet actionable tips on everything from how to build a compelling brand to how to use Asana and other project management tools easily and effectively.

Thanks to Kristin Marquet, FemFounder!

#8- Empire Flippers

Photo Credit: Max Robinson

As an online entrepreneur, I find the Empire Flippers podcast to be a really interesting and valuable listen. The episodes are varied and in-depth, and I always find myself rewinding parts to make sure I don't miss a single nugget of information. There's a lot of great content about selling and buying websites, content marketing and other topics which business owners like myself need to stay on top of.

Thanks to Max Robinson, FishTankBank!

#9- Eventual Millionaire

Photo Credit: Vivien Conway

My Favourite podcast is ‘Eventual Millionaire' with Jaime Masters. Jaime interviews only those that are millionaires themselves, and listeners are able to experience the journey of that millionaire that lead them to success. I love how podcast shows there's no silver bullet about how to make your first million – the interviewees range from board game experts, to authors, and co-founders of multi-million dollar companies. There are millionaires that earn their money online and offline. Each Millionaire has had their fair share of struggles and successes, and gives valuable and actionable advice to the listeners.

Thanks to Vivien Conway, Ace The Gram!

#10- Skimm'd From The Couch

Photo Credit: Hilary Young

I've been loving the podcast from the ladies of the Daily Skimm called Skimm'd From The Couch. Each podcast involves an interview between the two amazing women who run the Daily Skimm, Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, and another female entrepreneur. It's a really fun and refreshing approach to podcasts about business and entrepreneurship, as they focus on issues in business and beyond that are really relevant to women. Some of my favorite interviews so far have featured Leandra Medine, Founder of Man Repeller, Tina Brown, ex-Vanity Fair editor and current CEO of Tina Brown Live Media, and Whitney Wolfe Herd, Founder and CEO of Bumble. I highly recommend it to any female business owner or entrepreneur!

Thanks to Hilary Young, Hilary Young Creative!

#11- The Science of Success

Photo Credit: Jonathan Denn

The Science of Success podcast (with Matt Bodnar) is my go to listen. Amazing interviews from the top neuroscientists, business coaches, and researchers. It’s also a great resource to scan for books to put in my Learning drum. This is the kind of advice you can immediately put to use, and not just fluff somebody made up in their head with no real proof. Be a BIG fan of a small test and check it out sometime. It’s fantastic.

Thanks to Jonathan Denn, DRUMBEAT Productivity!

#12- How Success Happens

Photo Credit: RaShea Drake

One of my favorite business podcasts is called *How Success Happens*. It's produced by Linda Lacina of Entrepreneur, and she interviews entrepreneurs of all fields and success levels. My favorite thing is how she explores and interviews entrepreneurs to dive deeper into their business than a standard article can. We all know success is great, but she goes into the details of the struggles of the business or the entrepreneur that we don't always hear about. It's hearing those struggles straight from someone else that really resonates with me. Every person struggles, every person fails. Success happens to those that learn and don't stop trying.

Thanks to RaShea Drake, Verizon Business!

#13- Managing to make a difference

Image Credit: Kimberly Rath

The podcast I am a huge fan of right now is that of two of my senior colleagues, Larry Sternberg and Kim Turnage, ‘Managing to Make A Difference.' Each week this past year, they have taken leaders through conversations on a variety of topics and then provided opportunities for listeners to ‘practice' in their laboratories. I gain a great deal of insight from the interviews Larry and Kim have conducted and the stories they are telling. It's aimed at managers and it gives me something to think about as I listen whether live or as I travel and get out and walk.

Thanks to Kimberly Rath, Talent Plus, Inc.!

#14- The Smart Passive Income Podcast w/Pat Flynn

Photo Credit: Kevin Namaky

You get stellar advice and tips on starting and growing an online business. Pat's background is making millions in passive income models such as downloadable products (ebooks), information products (courses), affiliate marketing and similar fields. However, his interviews and the strategies uncovered are applicable to any business in the digital age. I'm a marketing expert and I still learn something valuable and new every time I listen. And Pat is a genuinely good guy that wants to help you. If you are using digital marketing (and you should be), you should be listening to Pat.

Thanks to Kevin Namaky, Gurulocity!

#15- How I Built This with Guy Raz on NPR

Photo Credit: Kelly Anne Parker

The stories of Founders are incredibly inspiring and extremely transparent on the good, the bad, and the ugly of founding a business. On each episode, I leave with key takeaways and learnings and apply them to my business. Some are anecdotal suggestions and some very practical business tips on followup meetings, venture capital and sticking to your mission. I really enjoy the humbleness of the Founder's success and appreciate the humility as they talk about the hard times of business. Guy Raz does an excellent job of capturing the Founder's stories and driving home the real business problems Founder's face in all stages of growth. I have listened to all of the episodes many times and often find myself in conversation with colleagues and friends saying have you listened to the How I Built this when…

Thanks to Kelly Anne Parker, Send Ribbon!

#16- The Full Monty

Photo Credit: Brandon Pantano

Keeping up with trends is a job in itself. Especially with my new social media marketing business, Brand On Trends. If I don’t know what’s up, I’ll be going down. But thanks to Scott Monty, of Brain+Trust Partners, and his weekly curated newsletter and audio commentary, The Full Monty, I’m able to have literary ONE go-to news source. It’s a game changer, saving tons of time from sifting through the onslaught of business news on the internet. Scott covers everything significant to business today. Whether it’s analyzing emerging trends or reapplying tried-and-true lessons to  current events, if it’s impacting business he’s covering it.

Thanks to Brandon Pantano, Brand on Trends!

#17- Invest Like the Best

Photo Credit: Darwyn Metzger

For me, there is only one entrepreneurial podcast that is both a must listen and is worth listening to more than once, and that is Patrick O'Shaughnessy's Invest Like the Best. His curation of guests is incredible (and wide), but more importantly, his ability to bring listeners through incredibly complex topics—from Blockchain to Elon Musk's plans to save mankind—is unsurpassed. It feels like Tony Stark giving you a tour of the Avengers' Headquarters and if you listen frequently enough you might begin to believe you possess superpowers as well.

Thanks to Darwyn Metzger, Phantom Firm!

#18- The Tim Ferriss Show

Photo Credit: Syed Irfan Ajmal

My favorite podcast would be The Tim Ferriss Show by Tim Ferris. It is based on a long-form format (most episodes are 1 hour long) which means one can learn about the guests and their successes and mistakes in much more detail. Plus, Tim interviews quite a diverse type of crowd and the focus on interconnected but different topics like entrepreneurship, marketing, productivity keep one entertained, educated and engaged constantly.

Thanks to Syed Irfan Ajmal, Ridester!

#19- Ideacast

Photo Credit: Nick Haschka

My favorite business/entrepreneurial podcast is HBR's Ideacast. The core of the content on the podcast is a broad array of general leadership topics that both challenge and inspire. Their content always forces me to think about our business and management practices and how we can always be improving.

Thanks to Nick Haschka, The Wright Gardner!

What's your favorite business podcast? Tell us in the comments below. Don't forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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