Choosing the Right Venue for a Business/Conference Meeting

So, you have found yourself in the position where you need to locate the perfect venue for your company’s next conference meeting, and you are not so experienced with organizing an event of this size. Be happy to know that it does not matter, as long as you have a sensible head on your shoulders and you are a good negotiator. Here are some tips to help you grasp the basics of choosing the right venue for your next meeting.


The venue for your conference or business meeting should be well connected by the major means of transportation like tube, bus, and taxi services. Unless the subject of the conference specifically dictates you looking up venues related to the research work, ideally the conference venue should be one that would encourage delegates to attend. Depending on the rank of the guests attending, or how far they are travelling from, you may even arrange for lifts from the nearest transportation point. You should also ensure safe parking spaces are nearby if not on-site at the venue.


This is especially important if the venue of the conference is standalone, or if the conference stretches over a number of days. If your budget does not allow you to pay for accommodation, mention this in your brochure or the CFP itself so that people participate accordingly. And, make it a point to help delegates with inexpensive but clean and safe lodging once they agree to participate.

If the venue of the conference is beyond walking distance from the lodging, make a point to keep shuttle services as an option. Other things to keep in mind when considering lodging options are whether there is catering services with the lodging, and whether the staff and the crew provide a quality service.


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Reputation is a two-way process. By going to a trusted and well-established names, you build trust to your own enterprise. Those who regularly organize business events will tell you that not all reputed names charge a fortune. There are a lot of packages and deals available as long as you are clear in what you need from a venue. Trust an impartial database of conference venues, such as FindMeAConference to get a quick view of potential destinations for your next event, categorized available options in terms of price range, amenities, and location, as well as several other attributes. We'd also recommend you do a reputation search for the venue you select, on one or more of the UK regulatory bodies' websites, available here.  Also, after the venue is finalized, devote your time to branding as far as the event is concerned.


How much is the conference going to cost you? What is your budget? And, how are you going to manage costs? Depending on budget, a conference can be conducted in a number of ways – it can be a fully paid conference, it can include only food and accommodation, or it can be self-funded. Whatever be it, always provide the necessary information in the brochure or the CFP so that it is a fair deal for the delegates.

As an organizer, it is important for you to get the best deal out of things along with the best services. Some venues offer deals over multiple bookings. Show off your negotiation skills here! Remember that your reputation and credibility as an organizer is at stake. And, that your commitment to the issue too gets conveyed through the quality of the conference and the services.

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It is best for all parties if the venue comes with as many facilities as possible like stages, audiovisual equipment, microphones, snacks, etc. You also have to keep in mind the total number of delegates attending the conference before deciding on anything. Look into sponsors because some of them come with their own packages, which may be in conflict with those offered by your venue.

Then there are other facilities to think of, like outside vendors, restrooms, refreshment areas and the like. Always make it a point to run through everything before the conference begins. Also, keep backups for as many things as possible.

Food and beverage

Delegates travel as much for the food as for the subject in some cases. And, if it is a self-funded event, you need to be extra careful about the meals offered. Remember that people will recall the quality of your conference food for a long time, and it is a good way of ensuring continued reputation. So, if you are looking at things long term, you have to be careful about the food.

Concluding Remarks

Yes, organizing a conference is always back breaking. However, as long as you have got every little detail accounted for right from the very beginning, it will be an immensely rewarding experience once it is a success.

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