How Entrepreneurs Can Turn Ideas into Wealth

Wealth is more than money and turning ideas into wealth is more than“making money.” Wealth is what you create with your capital that will increase in value in the future; something that lasts and grows over time.

With wealth creation you need to be aware of whether you intend making money now or investing with an eye to the future. What is the long-term growth potential of your idea, business or investment? And what footprint are you leaving on the planet for future generations?

And looking at the all-over picture of wealth in your future life – how about including yourself and your wellbeing into this creation?

  1. Include yourself

If making money is the essential goal of your idea, it will do just that – “make you money.” But if you allowed yourself to include you and your life into the definition of wealth what would your state of being look like? Happier? More excited?More “nice moments” than frustration?

If you develop and evolve ideas that you truly enjoy and that really excite you – the ones that make you wake up with a big smile on your face every day, then you will be creating long-term wealth and prosperity. This will happen in more than a material outcome – it allows you to include yourself and make your life expand with long-term growth as well.

  1. Self- motivated rather than “third party driven”

To move into this state of wealth, I suggest looking at what is fun for you, not for your future clients. Make yourself and what works for you as a priority, and people, clients and customers will show up. When you start your business based on the needs of others, you will always be dependent on them and what they are thinking and desiring.

If, on the other hand,you start a business that excites you, others like it or need it, then your idea will turn into wealth. It is your excitement and enthusiasm for it that will keep it alive and growing. You will find that you operate from a space of inviting people to buy your product, rather than the need to sellsomething. You become an inspiration for others and enjoying what you are doing will attract clients. Who enjoys happy and creative people more than hanging out with depressed people? Well, the same applies to customers and clients – and to your business!

  1. Be unique and don’t look for validation
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With creation of wealth, you enter new territory. Therefore,you cannot expect other people to get what you are doing and validate you and your ideas.

I suggest not doing a reality check on what you are creating. We cannot foresee the future and something new, unique and different can not be pre-checked. It has to be created – so create first and then see what follows!

Similarly, duplicating someone else’s ideas will never work for wealth creation. Wealth is always created from something that hasn’t existed before and is always created from individual passion and excitement coming into the world. What if your ideas could be the ones that people are looking to duplicate?

  1. Don’t fail – change

What if we could follow the flow of what is showing up, rather than trying to impose what we have decided should be happening? When you start to function more from the space of being willing to change what is required, you will stop being afraid to fail.

Things should be changed when required, not when the business plan says so. It requires flexibility and courage to change decisions that you have considered as “brilliant” a few weeks ago. And it doesn´t mean that these decisions now turn out to be wrong. Back then, it was what you thought would be best – now things show up different, so change them, don’t judge you for having made a mistake!

Even if it cost you money in the short term, you cannot know what future direction it opened. This is the space from where the world’s wealthiest investors function – knowing they cannot fail and knowing that they can choose different in the future. It’s the energy of let’s go on that makes the difference. If you are stuck in “why did I do that,” creation is stopped.

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All of this requires a level of courage that is unlikely to be there if you are listening to other people’s ideas, limitations and fears. When you are empowered by what is true and exciting for you, knowing you cannot fail, you will have what it takes to create the wealth you are asking for. A wealth that includes money, your business and – most important – yourself.


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Dr. David Kubes is an international lawyer, avid entrepreneur, consultant, coach and certified facilitator of several Access Consciousness® specialty programs, including Right Riches for You. After graduating from law school, Kubes finalized his Ph.D. in aviation law at the age of 25, and started working for Austrian Airlines in both Vienna and Washington D.C. After three years of training, he obtained his international lawyers license at the age of 28. He specializes in aviation law, finance and international project management. A savvy entrepreneur, he owns several companies and through his legal work, dealings and negotiations with different cultures and in different languages, Kubes has required a wide range of awareness and coaching.

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