Boosting Your E-commerce Sales Through Social Media Networking

Running a business might seem easy, but it is not. Keeping an eye on several aspects and ensuring that the system runs like clockwork is a must for success. All the hard work pays off if your sales are high. But that does not happen often. One has to ace his/her promotional strategies to stay at the top of the list. One slip and your rivals will use the opportunity to steal your customers. Big business corporations depend on an army of marketing and promotional experts who are continuously brainstorming to come up with new ideas. What about smaller companies or start-ups? They don’t have excess cash to hire marketing experts. Does this mean these companies will slowly perish? Absolutely not! With smart thinking and little effort, even a small company can create the right marketing strategies, which will offer an immediate boost to its sales. Here, we will provide some tips, associated with social media marketing, which will assist you to ace your sale game.

Try out native chat

A lot has been written about the importance of content creation and management on social media platforms, for high brand awareness and exposure. It is time to try out something new. It is here that the importance of native chatting comes to the forefront. It is also known as “conversational e-commerce.” Chatting apps occupy a significant section of the social media networking section. Customers use the messaging channels of these applications to receive and send messages to their near and dear ones.

In recent times, both big and small business houses are using these chatting services as well. With it, any brand can personalize, create and automate communication with their target customers. These applicants offer increased retention and involvement rates. The more target customers get these conversational marketing chats; the better will be the chances of them making a purchase. The best part is, most of these apps can be downloaded for free.

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Put social media influencers to work

Social media is evolving with time, and this has paved the path for new marketing strategies, which will increase sales. The latest buzz in social media promotion arena is ‘influencer marketing.’ This form of marketing is mostly seen in food, fashion, and travel businesses. The packaging may be new, but the concept is rather old. Yesterday’s ‘word of mouth’ promotion is today’s ‘influencer marketing.’ This new-age marketing strategy involves using those people who have a strong presence on social media, to promote any brand. Common people desire to get authentic information about the product, before the final purchase.

Influencers have an immense following on social media platforms. These influencers easily predispose these followers. For instance, if Mariano Di Vaio says that so-and-so brand has the best men’s blazers at affordable prices, his 2.9 million followers will at least check out the online store. Sometimes social media fashion influencers offer their honest opinion, other times; they are hired by companies to do a paid-promotion. Either way, brands get proper exposure and receive an instant increase in customer base. With time, these clients will become loyal customers, thereby hiking the company’s sale. To make the perfect impact, pick an influencer who is likable and credible. An influencer with a negative image will also tarnish the brand image.


Publishing product videos

A significant downside of e-commerce sites is customers cannot get the actual feel of the product. They have to depend on their eyes and believe the product descriptions. People shopping for garments, accessories shoes, and makeup suffer the most for this handicap. With blazer online shopping, you have to consider more than just the color and design. If it does not fit well, it is of no use. Online shopping sites offer product images, but these are not enough. Product videos, published on social media platforms will provide clients with a better idea of the item they are eyeing. Studies show that brands, which invest time and effort in product videos, have increased their sale immensely. Publishing product videos on social media accounts of respective brands will help the owner to reach out to millions with the click of a button.

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Infographics and blogs

Last but not the least; the list will not be complete without mentioning content creation and management. But only written words will not attract the eyes. You need something extra to up the value of posted contents. Pictures of items, intelligently designed infographics and videos, along with blogs will keep the brand high on the SEO ladder. That is not all; these additional will impress and persuade clients to take the final step. Social media marketing will only help you if you are ready to make these changes. Mere content creation will no longer make the cut. One has to continually shock the clients (in a good sense of course!) Fail to do this, and you will not get the desired number of loyal clients. Fewer clients mean stunted growth of the company and profit.

The abovementioned points highlight that social media platforms have sufficient potential to increase any brand’s popularity, credibility and customer base. The trick lies in coming up with innovative strategies, which allows one to milk social media to the fullest. If a brand cracks this code, it will have no issues in reaching out to desired clients. That is not all; targeted social media promotions will also effectively transform probable clients into loyal customers. Whether you are the owner of a boutique or restaurant entrepreneur, fool-proof strategizing will take you far in acing your sale improvement game.


Author Bio: Harsh is the co-founder of Fynd, a first-of-its-kind, e-commerce fashion platform, with a live inventory of 8K plus stores catering to more than 8 million customers. He is an engineer from IIT Bombay and has 7+ years of experience in the field of Fashion Retail, Hospitality, Management Consulting and Human Resources. He is currently working on expanding Fynd’s presence on to the global radar.

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