How Instagram Can Help You Recruit

Given that there are renowned websites that focus on recruiting such as and, they seem like the go-to place when you are looking to hire. But when it comes to hiring new employees, especially Millennials, Instagram can prove to be an excellent tool if used right.

According to a Pew Research Institute analysis, one-in-three labor force participants are Millennials. This makes them the largest generation in the U.S. labor force! Given that 59% of this generation is on Instagram, it makes sense that you should be too. So pull up a chair and get ready to soak up some information on how Instagram can help you find employees that appreciate what you do and how you do it.


Give Applicants a Glimpse into your Company

The most important aspect of Instagram, which makes it a great recruiting tool, is its ability to authentically communicate your brand and culture to anyone who visits your page- including potential applicants! The key to standing out amongst a sea of other business accounts is to give your followers an inside look at your company. Show them what goes on behind the scenes, the people who make up your company, and most importantly what makes your company the best place to work.


Leverage Your Followers

Take advantage of your dedicated group of followers, and by that we mean hire individuals who are apart of that pool! Your followers already support your company and desire to be apart of your culture via social media. A great example of this is the Zappos Culture account. They perfectly give their 2,000+ followers a chance to see what it is really like to work at Zappos and even have a link in their bio to sign up for office tours. Because their account is dedicated to showing showcasing their company culture, it is safe to say that their massive follower base appreciates Zappos’ fun, relaxed atmosphere.


Understand the Power of Search

Trust us, hashtags are a game changer. They allow for searchability on both ends, meaning you can find potential candidates and they can also find you! By simply adding #recruiting or #wearehiring to posts, you open the door for all those hungry job seekers to find your company and fall in love with it. I highly recommend curating a hashtag that is industry or company related in order to target candidates in your field. Some great examples are: #startuplife, #smallbusiness, and #worklifebalance!


Paint a Picture

If you’ve heard it once, you have heard it a hundred times- a picture is worth a thousand words! Instagram differs from its competitors for one major reason: it revolves around image sharing. Images are eye-catching, plus research proves that 40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text.

In addition to posting a job opening on your account, Instagram gives you the option to create Photo Ads. These advertisements allow followers orb your chosen network to like, comment, and even select a click-through link that will direct them to your online application.


Target with Precision

On the theme of Instagram advertisements, the platform gives you 7 options to ensure you are reaching the people that matter most. You can choose to target people based on location, demographics, interests, or behaviors! Furthermore, you can choose to deliver ads to custom, lookalike, or automated audiences. These tools ensure that you are maximizing your advertising budget and directing ads to individuals that are going to be the best fit for your company!

Instagram is more than just another social media platform. It is a tool for businesses to communicate their brand and recruit individuals who will ultimately help the company grow.

About the Author; Brett Farmiloe is the CEO of digital marketing company Markitors and advisor to Organizational Leadership Degrees. He is also a backyard chicken farmer who frequently contributes content to Forbes and Huffington Post.

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