5 Powerful Reasons for Using the Google Adwords Platform to Reach Your Online Audience

Every second, invisible auctions are happening at lightning speed whenever you search for a service or product on Google, all in order for advertisers to win your click. As an online advertiser, your aim is to capture a vast online audience, which means that you should use the best available tools to tap into the astronomical number of searches on Google.

Below are five reasons why you should use Google Adwords to leverage the online marketplace.

  1. Tap into the massive reach of Google

Google has transcended the marketplace and has found its way into our language. It’s listed in the Merriam Webster Dictionary as a verb describing the use of the search engine to obtain information about something online. Nowadays, when people need an answer about something, Google is their first stop. Therefore, if you can assist these people in finding the answer, even if it’s through your ad on Adwords, they’re more likely to become your customer.


  1. Use features that enable highly precise targeting

Adwords offers value to every prospect and every business at every stage of the purchasing journey. When you bid on broad keyword phrases, prospects see your ad at earlier stages of their product research, thus enabling you to fill your sales funnel, thanks to two simple but highly effective techniques. One, use your landing page to capture their information in order to send prospects marketing content. Two, if conversion fails, draw them back using retargeting software.


  1. Take advantage of intent

Intent is the primary distinction between Google Adwords and other forms of advertising. For instance, people on social media are not looking to be advertised to. They want to catch up with friends and view funny videos, among other things. Therefore, they may not respond positively to ads. In contrast, search engine users want solutions and will, therefore, respond positively to the right product if it’s presented to them through a product such as a custom Google Adwords dashboard from

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  1. Always maintain tight control of your campaigns

In the past, you reached an audience as wide as the one offered by Adwords by plowing through red tape and jumping numerous hurdles. Launching and closing campaigns were time-consuming and expensive feats. In contrast, using software to buy ad space—via ‘programmatic advertising”—can easily be done even by one employee who has received proper training. Starting/stopping campaigns and reaching the audience at the most favorable price can now be done instantaneously through Adwords.


  1. Work with any budget

Some businesses pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to win clicks. The legal industry, for instance, has long-tail keywords that cost up to $1,000. Most keywords, however, don’t cost much. In cases where they do, Adwords can set limits on maximum bids and daily budgets, thus automatically monitoring spending in a way no human can replicate. As a result, you never need to worry about going over budget.

These are but a few of the numerous advantages of using Google Adwords to run your online advertising campaigns. Rather than relying on organic search results, boost your conversions using Adwords to witness unprecedented landing page results.


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