Easy Money or Ease with Money?

How many get rich quick systems do you see out in the world today? Do they actually work? They sound easy, but have you ever heard of anyone who it actually worked for and was sustainable? Sure, maybe a few, yet chances are ‘getting rich quick’ didn’t happen overnight.  

If you are really wanting to have more money, you have got to look at your whole life from a totally different perspective. You’ve got to invite the ease, not easy, to your life.


What I have found is that money follows joy and fun, not the other way around. The joy is also what creates the ease. To invite more ease and money to your life, you can start asking yourself; what would be fun for me? And, what would make this fun for me? and begin engaging with your life in a totally different way.

Do you have something that you are secretly great at? Many of us have something we are great at, that is fun for us that we never think we could get paid for. Most of us have been taught that the only way to make money is to work hard. What if you could work easy? The funny thing is, that thing that is so easy for you, is often the thing that can make you the most money.

Let’s make the distinction between easy and ease.

Easy is the idea that you don’t have to do anything or put in much effort to have what you want. This sounds great but rarely works for most people because increasing your money flows requires action in order to bring it into existence.

Ease is having everything in your life come from a place of flow and elegance. Ease includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. When you are willing have ease with all of things that come to you in life, there is no right and no wrong, there is only action to take to either stay on course or course correct. Ease with money is knowing there is always more money available to you and you never make money more valuable than you.

Here are three tools I recommend to everyone who is looking for more ease with money:


  • Create a 10% Account

For every dollar that comes into your possession, put 10% away into a specific account. Putting money away as a way of having money is a way of honoring you and reminding yourself that you are valuable, and you deserve money. It is important that even if you have bills to pay, put the 10% away first. At some point, your 10% account will accumulate to an amount at which you will relax about money. The only way to know this, is to start your 10% account now and watch it grow.


  • Know what it costs you to live.

When you know what is going on with your finances, you then have the awareness to be able to redirect and change your finances to grow in the way you want them to. First, find out how much money is coming in every month and then find out how much money is going out every month. Include everything you spend money on right down to the parking meters.

Money problems occur when you have more money going out than you have coming in. It may sound simple, but most people avoid knowing this by not having clarity about what they are creating financially. Start getting clear on what it costs you to live so you can ask for and create more.  


  • Carry Cash with You.

Want to feel rich daily? Carry around the amount of money with you that you consider a rich person would have on them. You can carry it as cash, jewelry, gold coins, foreign currency or something else. You might worry that you will get mugged or the money will be stolen from you, but trust me, when you have that amount of money, you are always aware of where your purse or your wallet is. Get used to having a lot of money and cash around you and the more you are comfortable with lots of money and cash in your possession, more will show up in your life. Plus, when you have cash in your wallet, you can never say you don’t have money again.

These three tools I shared above have changed my financial reality immensely and I still use them every day to create more. Most of what goes on for us with money is actually about the energy we have around money in our lives. These tools are pragmatic ways of changing the energy you currently have around money into an energy of having, enjoying and creating money with total ease.  

I have one more bonus tool for you and it doesn’t make any sense, but it does add more fun to the whole topic of money and finances: what if the purpose of money were to have fun and enjoy it?

When your life is full of fun, joy and possibility, money comes along for the ride. Find something FUN you can do with your money. For me, one thing is horses. I love riding horses. Now do horses typically make you money? No, they cost money to feed, to be kept in paddocks, to be transported and to go to the vets. But they do contribute an energy of fun and ease in my world that nothing else does. Sometimes when I am having not such a great day I can jump on a horse and go for a ride and come back a completely different person. This is how you can use your money to play with possibilities and see what works for you. This is how you can use your money to create more joy in your life, which ends up creating more money.

If you’re unsure about what bring you fun and ease, start to look at what gives you a sense of lightness in your world. Most people are used to having density and intensity as the primary construct of their realty, but this is rarely easy or fun for anyone. Ask, “If I choose this what will my life be like? And, “If I don’t choose this what will my life be like?” You will start to get a sense of what is light for you.

Most of us haven’t been taught or shown to choose what is fun for us so be willing to keep choosing and develop this sense. These tools do not make logical sense, but if you could have figured out your money problems, wouldn’t you have done so already? Start playing with something different, something easier and see what shows up for you!  

My final tool for you is to start playing with your money! How many times have you been told not to play with money or that money is dirty? What if you let all that go? If you let that go, how much fun could you have with money? Start by playing with your money by putting money around your house to be able see it more often, stick one in the mirror in the bathroom, use a hundred-dollar bill as a bookmark, whatever you do, just have fun with it.  Money follows joy, joy does not follow money. When you are having more fun in your life, more money comes in. Don’t just believe what I have to say, get into action.  

Ease and fun with money comes from being pragmatic, from taking action, and changing your energy around money. This is a different way to look at money, not what you thought it was going to be but if it was, you would have figured it out already. So, get to work and have some fun!


Author's bio: 

Brendon Watt

Brendon Watt is a speaker, entrepreneur, business and life mentor. He is the Australian CFO of Access Consciousness®, a set of simple-yet-profound tools currently transforming lives in 173 countries, and the facilitator of several special Access programs including Joy of Business. Drawing upon his transformation from a struggling tradesman and single dad to global speaker, Brendon facilitates classes and workshops all over the world, encouraging others to step out of judgement and into a more authentic, fulfilling life. Follow Brendon here.





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