How to Use ‘’Google Trends’’ for Your Business

Google Trends is one of the most useful, yet under-utilized business tools. How can we define it? The best way to describe it would be: Google Trends is a website that delves deep into the mechanics of top search queries on Google Search. With graphs and time-related data, it can show you how does a query become popular. Why is this knowledge important?

Since every query has to start from ground zero, you can use recorded jumps and falls as valuable data. A better understanding of query mechanics will help you boost your business much faster and more efficiently.

In this article, we’ve decided to arm you with all the things you need to know to use Google Trends correctly.


Knowing your audience

For customers and those curious enough, Google is mostly a search engine. For you, however, it can become a valuable instructional device.

Google Trends is a site that allows just that. Valuable instructions come directly from collected data. Data is as important as analysis. The more data you collect and understand, the lesser your chances of failure will be. So, how do you start?

  • Type in all the keywords you deem useful for your customers and that are connected to your brand. Separate them with commas so that the engine can recognize the format.
  • After you’ve clicked “enter,” you will see a graph that shows you how have these trends been working. Each keyword you’ve chosen will have a different color to represent it. Through a timeline, you will be able to see how has it changed over a certain time period.
  • Right after entering the keywords, you can begin one of the key parts of every business campaign – audience segmentation. Google Trends provides you with regional interest, with additional options to see changes over time.

Rebecca Watson, a customer relationship manager for a cheap essay writing service, has emphasized the importance of information in today’s world of entrepreneurship. “Getting extra information is like investing money in a cheap essay writing service in college. While you may have an idea of how to accomplish your task, using verified information is the safer way to go. With Google Trends, you invest time instead of money to boost your business.”


Using Google Trends for product ideas

After you’ve learned how can Google Trends show you data, you can manipulate that same information. The best way to utilize Google Trends for a service providing company is interest analysis. Finding out about interest over a certain time and period can be the difference between success and failure.

Let’s say you want to sell smoking pipes. By typing in the corresponding keyword, you will realize that people are interested in smoking pipes less every month. Such data disregard this idea as a bad one.

How about VR headsets? Google Trends will show you that the keyword “VR headsets” has seen a meteoric rise in the last 3 months. The result makes this idea a good one to follow.

However, there is one thing to watch out for – the difference between search volume and upward trends. Pay close attention to the search volume.

If a keyword is being searched for 100 times in one week and 150 the other, it will show a massive surge on the graph. Due to low search volume, this upward trend is merely a mirage. Only pay attention to upward trends that exist alongside a high search volume.


Learning from the competition

Most entrepreneurs have a certain phobia when it comes to learning from the competition. While some deem it as an unethical practice, the reality is different.

Understanding how your competitors manage to succeed is instrumental in giving your business a boost. With Google Trends, you can not only do just that but also track your own popularity.

One detail stands out when it comes to importance. The News Headlines feature can give you an overview of why has your competitor had a peak in search volume last Sunday.

With this feature, you can scour any news or events that might have caused it. If there are surges like this on a regular basis, you will be able to pick up useful tips and techniques to accomplish the same thing.

With Google Trends, you can also analyze how the surge of one keyword impacts the surge of another. Let’s take sports as an example. When LeBron James signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, Google Trends registered a surge not only for LeBron James-related queries but also about Los Angeles, NBA, and many other related terms.


How Google Trends instigates creativity

After realizing how to collect data from Google Trends and how to use it, you can transcend mere use. Knowing what to write about proves to be a beneficial factor If your business relies on creating content. By registering a sudden rise of a keyword, you can capitalize on that rise.

Creating content centered around hot topics will cause more people to click on your website. Such a trend will be a key to your business strategy, due to SEO success. Additionally, you can combine current topics with your own to create both quality and popular content.


Concluding thoughts

Google Trends is all about knowing what to look for. Don’t be afraid to analyze. The analysis will only allow you to separate current from old topics. Orienting your online content towards current ones will cause your SEO ranking to rise and bring more success to your brand. Every entrepreneur should have Google Trends in their arsenal if they wish to make a splash.


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