How to Measure Customer Satisfaction to Best Grow Your Business

For every business owner, the satisfaction of the customers should be among the most important aspects that must be considered on a constant basis. While great products and services are required to keep clients happy, providing just a good product is not enough. You need to raise customer satisfaction by every mean you can if you want to see your business grow.

In order to find out if you’re doing a good job, you first need to measure customer satisfaction. There are more than enough methods to do so, as listed below. So, take a few minutes to learn how to check on your client’s happiness concerning your business and brand. This will enable you to see if you can do more to get those good reviews your business needs so much.

Determine your business’s main goal and come up with a plan to reach these goals

Even if you are looking to measure customer satisfaction, it will be a campaign that should be treated just like any other campaigns you unrolled for your business. This means that it is recommended to draw the goals you are looking to obtain. So, why are you doing this? What would you like to achieve with the help of this campaign?

Considering that it will take a while to collect all this data, you should be prepared to make good use of it. In other words, it will take time, resources, and effort to obtain all the data that will point toward the level of customer satisfaction you are offering. Thus, unless you are determined to make a change, regardless of what you are about to find out, don’t bother to do so. The information acquired by measuring the happiness of your clients is extremely useful, but it has to be used in an adequate manner.

You need to be ready to meet unhappy clients as well, as there’s no such thing as a perfect business. You should be well aware that not all clients will be satisfied with your products and services. However, there are ways to improve things and adjust the aspects that aren’t as they’re supposed to be.


Create a customer survey that will give you a better insight into what is going on

Once your business goals are clear, you will have to create a customer survey. The survey will give you all the details you need to know. This way, you will be able to outline the present situation of the customer satisfaction offered by your business. The outline of your goals will tell you what to look for, so they will be extremely helpful in building a survey that will reveal the kind of data you want to find.

Don’t focus in just asking a certain question, but put some effort in asking the question in a correct manner. You’ll be surprised to find out that even those customers that declared themselves as “satisfied” still consider leaving the company. Thus, a mere answer will not guarantee that all satisfied clients are also loyal. Thus, the method you choose to use is not always the most important because the way you will apply it will count as well.


Choose adequate timing for sending out your survey

Believe it or not, it matters when you choose to send out your survey and who will be the recipients of your survey. Many business owners or managers tend to overlook this part, but it is a very important step that can change the way results look like. The goals you outlined in the first step of this process will help you determine the best timing for your survey. Although a survey can be triggered at any time and anywhere you like, it’s best not to let these factors in a random state. Utilize an adequate strategy and you will obtain accurate data.

So, even if we are talking about customer satisfaction surveys, there isn’t a specific survey model that fits all cases. According to specialists, there are three important aspects to have in mind when choosing the best moment to release the survey. First, you need to have in mind the event that took place before sending out your survey, the time span that passed since the last survey sent to your clients, and the amount of time required by your team members to provide feedback. Of course, when it comes to feedback, it should always be done as soon as possible.


Analyze the data collected and provided by the survey

Once your surveying campaign is over and date is collected, don’t postpone the moment to analyze it. This is extremely useful information that will enable you to grow your business in an effective manner. But, in order to find out how to do this, you will have to analyze the obtained data. The answer will be provided loud and clear by your customers, as soon as you take a good look at the results of your survey.

Depending on the complexity of the survey you used, analyzing the data can be a rather straightforward process or it may require the assistance of a specialist. In either way, you should not allow this type of data to sit there unused.


Take proper measures to improve customer service and products

Now that you have all the answers to your questions, it is time to do something about it. The results of a survey concerning customer satisfaction will show you what is making some of your clients unhappy. Thus, you will have the incredible chance of fixing those areas, so that you’ll manage to increase the number of satisfied customers in the near future. Remember, the entire purpose of this process is to show you what actions are required for growing your business successfully.


You can always get more good reviews if you deposit some effort in increasing customer satisfaction overall. But, in order to avoid wasting time and resources, it is best to measure the happiness of your clients so that your adjustments are targeted according to their needs. This way, you will be able to increase your business’s reputation as well.


Author bio: Jason Goldstein works for Premier Pups, a business based on selling happy and healthy puppies. Customer Satisfaction is very important to him, because he understands that the company’s customers have to be as happy as the puppies they are going to adopt.

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