No More Excessive Complaints: How Knowledge Base Software Can Reduce Customer Tickets

Customers are the fuel that propels your brand and if they aren’t happy with your services, you struggle to carve a niche in the market. When there are businesses pitching customers with similar products and services, you can’t do without a top of the line customer service. In fact,  A research by Capgemini shows that 8 out of 10 consumers are willing to pay more for better customer experience. Making these shoppers unhappy may not be something you would want to do. Although you must be relying on traditional phone and chat support to cater to customer needs, it’s no longer enough as attention spans of users decline with every passing day. So, what’s a possible solution? Introduce a knowledge base software as a self-service tool to address the concerns of your customers.

Wondering how a knowledge base can turn the company’s processes around and prove to be a turning point to customer satisfaction as well. What is the most annoying thing a customer has to hear? It is the recorded message that begins as soon as he/she calls the customer support helpline. A knowledge base is the perfect solution for this. A fully functional, well-integrated knowledge base contains all company information that is easily accessible to all employees within the company. In addition to that, it can help reduce customer ticketing thus improving customer satisfaction levels.

Let’s take a look at how the knowledge base can raise the levels of customer satisfaction and reduce ticketing.


  1.  Acts as a hub of information for the entire organization

One of the key advantages of a knowledge base is the unlimited amount of information it stores. It contains about almost everything about the organization, in and out. It has stored in it everything a customer can ask about the organization, and better make searching easy and fast. Whenever a customer has any question about the organization or the product, they can instantly find the answer through the knowledge base.

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When it comes to large-scale organizations, a knowledge base is what keeps the company together. Internally, it consists of all company information the employees have easy access to and on the external side, it makes the lives of customers easy. The knowledge base is not just an FAQ section in a website. It is much more. It gives the customers the chance to explore more about the organization in addition to any query they might have. It has a preset of questions which can be useful to the customers at any point in time. If not, they can always post a new question which goes back to the admin for immediate consideration.

Giving answers to every possible question reduces customer ticketing to a very high extent and simultaneously gives the customers an easy to use, interactive experience while on the company website.


  1. Answers Questions Before They Are Even Asked

A knowledge base, as the name suggests, is the base of all knowledge of the organization. When a customer visits the website for a query, he may not know exactly what he is looking for. The knowledge base gives an easy to use interface which helps customers look for answers to queries just by entering keywords.
For example, a customer visits Dropbox help center and wants to know how to upload a document. He can simply start typing “download” and the knowledge base will automatically suggest a bunch of questions he may want to ask


  3.  The knowledge base can be easily updated with new information

With repetitive searching and customer interaction, a bunch of questions piles up that need looking into. Each customer thinks different and each customer may have a different query. A good knowledge base allows the organization to regularly update the help center with questions frequently asked which allows future customers to find even more than what they are looking for.

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When your knowledge base contains relevant entries, customers are likely to visit the website often for any possible query they might have. For increased customer satisfaction and reduce ticketing, an effective knowledge base is one which is regularly updated with everything the customer is looking for.


  1.   Helps Reduce Mundane Call Waiting

The survey carried out by Oracle confirms that 55% of customers are loyal towards a brand mainly because they are able to find information effortlessly. This proves the importance of providing customers with a searchable and effective knowledge platform which they can access easily from their smartphones or tablets. What can be better than giving your clients the opportunity to interact with you whenever they want?

Anytime, anywhere accessibility is one of the major advantages of a properly managed knowledge base. With easy accessibility, customers can look for information even while on the move without going through the long process of reaching out to your customer support staff.


To wrap it up, we have established that customers are a vital part of the company and are a key to getting revenue. To keep the company running, we need to keep the customers happy and to keep them happy you need to take care of them. Providing them with an interactive knowledge base keeps their satisfaction level up by providing them with a platform to solve all their problems themselves. We can see that their satisfaction level increases when they are able to answer their questions themselves.

An updated knowledge base helps customers to find answers to their queries which, in turn, reduces the number of tickets created and keeps customer satisfaction up.

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Author Bio:- Robin is a Technical Support Executive. He is an expert in knowledge management and various Knowledge base tools. Currently, he is a resident knowledge management expert at ProProfs. In his free time, Robin enjoys reading and traveling.

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