20 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Their Industries

There's something unique about each industry and that's what makes it enjoyable to continue doing business. The people we work with and collaborations we build make the experience worthwhile. The challenges we encounter help build our resilience. More importantly, technology and everyday innovations continue to change the way various industries operate for the better.

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners what they love about their industries and here's what they had to say.

#1- No one size fits all

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Tracy Williams

One of the most rewarding aspects of PR is finding the way to tell a customer story that will not only interest the reporter but will actually drive revenue. It is a puzzle we solve with each business. There is no one size fits all in our industry. PR professionals are the gatekeepers. We're the bouncers who decide which reporters, what angles and who in the company can best deliver the story. We're also the architects. We take a story and build on momentum so that this story can reach new heights and wider audiences. 

Thanks to Tracy Williams, Olmstead Williams Communications!

#2- It Never Gets Boring 

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Jimmy Rodriguez

We're in the Ecommerce/SaaS space and one of my favorite things about it is the constant evolution. Ecommerce and SaaS industries alike have grown at a fast space over the last few years and will continue to do so. This constantly puts us in a position to innovate and come up with new ways to help make it easier for entrepreneurs to launch ecommerce businesses through the use of SaaS platforms. This push in creativity and the growth mindset is what I love most about it. The changes in technology are allowing more people to take advantage of the power of e-commerce and offer their products to the world without having to secure distribution deals with large retailers. As software continues to improve, the ecommerce experience will become more appealing to shoppers worldwide and the challenge of being at the forefront of that growth keep us on our toes. Simply put: it never gets boring. 

Thanks to Jimmy Rodriguez,!

#3- Digital transformation

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Chris Wiegand

I’ve been in the indoor mapping space for ten years now, and there’s never been a more exciting time for this industry. As a foundational layer to powering IoT use cases, I have the privilege of working with innovative enterprises to help them remove friction from people’s lives in the place where they spend the vast majority of their time – inside of buildings. There has never before been so much buy-in from enterprises across all industries and locations to digitize their spaces and create an exceptional experience of place. Outdoor’s digital transformation has been a game changer for the way we live, but I believe that the indoor world is the next frontier of digital cartography and experiential innovation. I love this industry because I feel we are truly changing the way people live, play, and work indoors.

Thanks to Chris Wiegand, Jibestream

#4- Early opportunities

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Aliza Sherman

What I love about the cannabis industry is the fact that it is still early enough for someone with a great business idea to make an impact. I was an Internet entrepreneur in the early days of the web (Cybergrrl, Webgrrls) and wasn't as fully aware of the open window of opportunity until it began to close as major corporations took over. The cannabis industry today is like the Internet industry in the early 90s: wide open, fast-moving, creative, challenging, exciting. The cannabis industry is tailor-made for a serial entrepreneur who thrives on change and innovation. I know this sandbox phase of the cannabis industry can't last, however, we've got a real chance to make an impact and make a difference right here, right now. 

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Thanks to Aliza Sherman, Ellementa!

#5- Intellectual challenges

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Ken Makovsky

I entered the public relations business nearly 50 years ago and still get my kicks from it. Although we are charged with building relations among many publics on behalf of our clients and persuasively telling their story, I was attracted to the industry because it was akin to a university liberal arts college filled with intellectual challenges: every new client was like a new course to master. It involved study, strategy, creativity and solutions. I need that intellectual challenge like I need food.

Thanks to Ken Makovsky, Makovsky Integrated Communications!

#6- Compound Learning

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George Morris

I'm in the unique position of facilitating discussions between many seasoned entrepreneurs. Everyday I hear them share what's working well and where the struggles reside. Hearing others share their insights and teachings has allowed me to not only accelerate my learnings as an entrepreneur but it compounds everyday. New insights open doors and connections that I never knew existed.

Thanks to George Morris, The OneFifty!   

#7- Constantly evolving and growing

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Yoav Kutner

B2B companies are experiencing a heavy shift in the way they do business. The interaction of buying and selling used to be done either via phone or a handshake agreement; however, with the emergence of online shopping, the typical consumer in today’s market has changed how he/she buys from merchants and that goes the same for B2B buyers. According to Gartner, it is predicted that, by 2020, 85% of all buyer-seller relationships will be managed without human interaction. B2B companies are constantly looking to grow their businesses and with the emergence of B2B eCommerce, they can now break the mold of doing business the old-fashioned way and start doing business in compliance with the 21st century. For my industry, enabling businesses to evolve and grow to new peaks is what truly excites me.

Thanks to Yoav Kutner, Oro, Inc.!

#8- Less competitive environment

Photo Credit: Rithvik Musuku

What I love most about our business’s industry, the nonprofit sector, is that everybody shares a common goal – helping others that are in need. Because of this, almost everybody is willing to cooperate and there is not much of a competitive environment. In the past, we have contacted other nonprofit organizations for help, such as advice or fiscal sponsorship, and most of them were happy to assist in whatever ways they could. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization ourselves, we currently fiscally sponsor one other project and are open to helping out other people looking to make a true change in science education. In many industries, there is a lot of competition between businesses. Although there are many nonprofit organizations in the world, most of them do not compete against each other in the same manner and instead help one another in pursuit of common goals. 

Thanks to Rithvik Musuku, Advancing Science Worldwide

#9- Constant creativity

Photo Credit:
Julia Enthoven

Kapwing is an online photo, GIF, and video editor, so part of my day consists of watching the videos that people make to share with their friends, promote a business, or share information with others. I love my industry because digital media is so close to culture – I learn about news, pop trends, new music artists, and funny memes just from talking to my users. Our customers are creative, artistic, and influential, so I love building software that enables them to build cool stuff and share it with the world. 

Thanks to Julia Enthoven, Kapwing!

#10- Healing from discoveries

Photo Credit: Nirvana Nokwe-Mseleku

I absolutely love the discoveries of how sound and visuals can influence healing tremendously. We have had many cases of people reporting to finally having let go of their sexual traumas thus having more liberated and intimate experience. Through the knowledge I’ve gained through the mediums of film, music psychology and holistic healing, the impact is uncanny. The freedom to explore is something I’m truly grateful for. 

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Thanks to Nirvana Nokwe-Mseleku, The Optical Order!

#11- Impact of the industry

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Colleen Chapman

The education industry is all about empowering people to learn, explore, achieve, set goals and soar to new heights. There is nothing better than when a graduate contacts us to tell us how we helped change their life, and how we impacted them. On a day to day basis, I am able to experience the passion and commitment from our staff and see how it reflects upon our students and motivates them in their learning; whether it is to upgrade skills, find a new career, or expand their world. The rewards for those working in the education industry are immense and at times, immeasurable. You just cannot put a dollar value on knowing you have helped someone achieve their goals and seeing the look of pride and accomplishment on their face or hearing it in their voice. It doesn't get any better than that. 

Thanks to Colleen Chapman, CanScribe Career College!

#12- Variety and creativity

Photo Credit:
Matt Moeller

In my formative years, I spent all my time staring at the clock in school, wishing it'd go faster. Things didn't change much after school and getting my first few jobs. Time seemed to stand still. I started Red Olive in 1999 and I don't know where the time went. When you're happy and engaged you stop counting minutes. There are two things I love most about the web and digital marketing industry. First and foremost, having a business come in, successful or just starting out, and see how our mix of creative and technical skills can grow their company. The second is the variety. We get to immerse ourselves into all kinds of industries and learn their inner workings, everything from the programming side to legal. It's actually quite fascinating. 

Thanks to Matt Moeller, Red Olive

#13- Lots of things to be thankful for

Photo Credit:
David Broomhead

As someone who literally, grew-up in the business, I firmly believe that construction workers are some of the most underappreciated people on the planet. They rise between 4-6 am every day and bust their butts five days a week doing manual labor, many times amidst challenging weather conditions. Throw on top of that the technical challenges faced by workers across all trades, the complexity of working as part of a big, diverse team and against incredibly tight timelines. American tradespeople have worked hard to build the roads we drive on, the offices we work from and the homes we live in – all things to be very thankful for.

Thanks to David Broomhead, Trade Hounds!

#14- Four things

Photo Credit: Robert Barrows

Every day is different. Every day there are a new set of challenges and opportunities. I enjoy working with clients and co-workers, and it's fun. I also enjoy looking at ads by various companies to see what I can 
learn from them. 

Thanks to Robert Barrows, R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising & Public Relations

#15- Transforming lives

Photo Credit:
Darren Cottingham 

This industry transforms lives. Driver training tends to help people who often didn't do well at school, who struggle with literacy or have English as a second language. Many of the entrepreneurs and C-level executives in the transport and logistics industry started out as drivers and worked their way up. When you see a kid who dropped out early achieve his heavy vehicle licence and start earning good money in a job with prospects, you know you've done a worthwhile job. 

Thanks to Darren Cottingham, DT Driver Training

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#16- People willing to share their experiences

Photo Credit: Marc Andre

As a personal finance blogger, I love that my industry is filled with people who are willing to share from their own experiences, successes and failures, with the goal of helping others. Most finance bloggers did not start a blog because they are professionals with years of impressive experience. Most are normal people who are either currently on a journey to improve their own finances, or they've been on that journey in the past. Most finance bloggers want to share with others and continue to learn from others as well. 

Thanks to Marc Andre, Vital Dollar

#17- There's more to it

Photo Credit:
Sarah Payne

When you move past the superficial layer of the beauty industry and into its core, you find a source of helping others regain their confidence, self-worth, and recognizing their beauty inside and out. It’s why I’ve fallen in love with this industry, for the most part its full of passionate entrepreneurs and business owners trying to increase happiness in the lives of their customers and the world around them. There’s more to beauty than vanity and face value, it goes much deeper than that, and it’s a wonderful movement to be part of. 

Thanks to Sarah Payne, Sarah Nicole Skincare

#18- Satisfaction in constructing new reality

The most exciting thing about being an entrepreneur in the dental technology sector is the ability to turn a dream into reality and to bring disruptive innovations into the world that can solve problems and improve our quality of life. Being the first to do so is challenging. You need to have a strong passion and a clear vision in order to confront enormous challenges and be prepared to be misunderstood by most people at first. There is huge satisfaction and reward when you are able to construct a new reality knowing that you contributed to the improvement of other people's lives.

Thanks to Dr. Amos Yahav, Augma Biomaterials!  

#19- Endless innovations

Photo Credit:
Noel Moran

There is much to love about FinTech. You can open an electronic money account online – without the need to visit a traditional bank. You can easily link your account to a smartphone and enable your cell for digital payments (Contactless). Financial Technology will continue to place innovation at the heart of payments in 2019. This makes it another exciting year for challengers pushing the boundaries of what is possible to achieve in a booming sector. 

Thanks to Noel Moran, FinTech PFS!

#20- Learning and changes

Photo Credit:
Donny Minchillo

I think what I love most about the eCommerce industry is how quickly it changes. It keeps us on our toes, always learning. We've seen a massive 
shift in the last 5 years alone in how consumers shop for everything from computers to groceries, and of course services like Amazon Prime have 
changed the way we think about purchasing as society forever. As an agency focusing on eCommerce web development it puts us in a really unique position where we can play a really active, intimate role in helping other businesses grow by being there to help them stay ahead of the curve. I believe this industry is going to be the demise of the term running errands – there's going to come a time where you can check all of your running around off of your list from your phone or your watch – in reality we're not too far off from that. I like the fact that we're a part of the tech industry that's making people's lives easier, that's fun. 

Thanks to Donny Minchillo, Pineapple Development!

What do you love about your industry? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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