How to Create Business Thinking

Business thinking is a tool to get customers. The better a businessperson develops it, the more clients he can attract. It helps a businessperson to see thousands of opportunities to make money. Its development is useful not only for beginner entrepreneurs but also for experienced businesspersons who want to increase sales and profits continuously.

Where a person with ordinary everyday thinking sees an obstacle and a problem, there a businessperson sees an opportunity to increase capital and create new sources of growth. The development of business thinking is necessary for everyone who is engaged or is going to do business. It is not stitched in DNA, so it needs to be produced. The better it is developed, the more success awaits.

If a businessperson has not developed a business mindset, s/he faces either a “specialist syndrome” or a “life syndrome.” A specialist syndrome is when a businessperson is engaged in business, remaining in the depths of his heart just a specialist in a particular field. Life syndrome is when a businessperson is involved in a transaction using his usual life views.

The primary skill of a businessperson is customer generation. A person who has developed business thinking makes it easy and straightforward. If a person has not developed it, then he is not a businessman, but merely an expert in some field and looks at the world with the eyes of a specialist, expecting that someone will bring him clients or they will come themselves. The specialist sees his task in doing the job.

The specialist is not able to generate customers, and he can only serve them. He develops “specialist syndrome,” which is 99% of cases, leads him to bankruptcy. Experts think that many ready-made customers will find them themselves. While they believe so, real businesspersons actively intercept clients and leave specialists without work.

An ordinary person is also not able to generate customers. He is only capable of simple human intercourse. Accordingly, where you have to act like a businessperson and make money, he behaves just like a person. He expects that it is enough to communicate humanly so that the client wants to buy. At this time, real businesspersons are actively intercepting customers.

The business has a specific idea. Marketing is simply the realization of this idea. Only the one in whom it is embedded, and who is well pumped by it can realize it. Who better pumped, he can build the most effective business. Getting rid of the “specialist syndrome” and the “everyday syndrome” implies the introduction of a business idea and deep pumping of it.

Business thinking is developed by introducing the business idea and pumping it with the help of a business legram, or through the immersion into business training. However, incorporating the concept of ​​business into yourself is not enough. It is also necessary to understand the market well, and for this, it is required to pump the idea of ​​the market. The introduction of the concept of ​​the market and its pumping is carried out using the market's legram.

The most advanced businesspersons are businesspersons who have the most advanced business thinking. They see opportunities that others do not see, and this allows them to make money where others cannot — becoming an advanced businessperson can anyone after working out a business mindset. Anyone who makes an effort can become a competent businessperson.

Generally, they say that the first million is the most difficult, and then everything goes smoothly because the mind gets used to big money. The rich think about money, and the poor think about money, only in a different way. Constant thoughts about problems, failures, shortcomings, create a critical mass of ideas that do not allow passing through, keeps in a place like an anchor. As one philosopher said, “new life, is a new mind.” To change your life, you need to change your way of thinking, then people and events will start attracting you, which will contribute to business success, and exciting ideas will start coming to your mind.


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