Marketing Strategies That’ll Level up Your Ecommerce Store

Making sales isn’t too big of a feat, maintaining sales is. Since the attention span of a digital user is too small, and the competition is huge, it requires consistent efforts to keep your e-commerce sales high.

That is why e-commerce marketing is something you can’t put on the back burner. It is the essential element of your e-commerce success strategy. You need to fuel your e-commerce sales with continuous steam of effective marketing. With the rights marketing strategies, you can improve your traffic, increase your sales, and level up your e-commerce store.

However, thanks to the breakneck pace of the digital world, ecommerce marketing strategies are also evolving by the day. A huge portion of the overall internet traffic is now generated via mobile platforms. By 2021, more than half of ecommerce sales will be generated through mobile. So, you need to keep that demographic in mind. Many similar trends are making ecommerce marketing a bit of a challenge. You need to constantly upgrade your approach to see consistent results.

Today, we are going to list of the five most relevant marketing strategies that level up your ecommerce store in 2019.

1.    Invest in a Mobile App

Let’s add to what we say about the future of your ecommerce traffic from mobile platforms. It is a good thing for businesses as it opens another venue where you can market your business. Marketing is all about targeting the audience in the right place. As of now, mobile phones are becoming that right place. However, a simple, mobile-friendly website isn’t enough. You can change your ecommerce game with an app.

Mobile apps have helped businesses increase their ecommerce sales by 200%. The good thing about apps is that they can offer a more personalized experience than a website. Mobile devices hold more personal data of a user and that data can be used to target the user with more relevant ads. Add to it the fact that you can send push notifications through an app; you have the opportunity to present your product to the users right when they want it.

2.    Create More Content

Content is still the King – and content marketing can still do wonders for your ecommerce store. We have seen the content evolve tremendously over the past few years. It is no longer limited to text-based blogs. It includes everything from infographics to videos.

The best thing about content marketing, and it is encouraged is the lower cost. Inbound marketing costs virtually nothing when compared to outbound marketing. The content leads your customers to your site. It helps them find you and not the other way around.

In parallel with these benefits, content marketing actually helps you build a broader presence online. It directly improves your overall SEO and enables you to acquire more traffic for your most relevant keywords.


3.    Leverage Social Media

No marketing plan is complete without social media these days. Social media is where brands are made because it lets your customers interact with your brand the way they want. It is an open platform where they can share an opinion, ask questions, and start discussions.

Social media marketing has become a crucial part of online marketing, and ecommerce stores have a lot to gain from it. You can go viral with just one well thought campaign. You can engage your customers and influence their buying decision.

Of course, how present your brand matters a lot. You can invest in your brand logo and work on your brand persona before you decide to interact with your prospects on social media. Not mention, Facebook, Instagram, and all other major social platforms allow you to enjoy the perks of paid social marketing as well. Due to the availability of dynamic user data, these ads can be more precisely targeted than PPC.

4.    Work with Influencers

Influencer marketing has done wonders for ecommerce stores. It is a partnership between a brand and a user who has the potential to influence the decision of other users due to the bigger following. For instance, if there a person followed by thousands of people who admire the person’s sense of style, then leather skin shop – the manufacturer of leather goods – can ask that person to feature their jackets in their photos. The influencers tag the brand and put in a good word.

People trust the words of an influencer more than what brands say in ads. It is because those influencers are people your customers can relate to. Their opinions can have more weight than organic reviews on Google and social media. These influencers can create hype, and a huge majority of people would flock to buy the product endorsed by their favorite influencer.

5.    Keep an Eye on the Cart

Cart abandonment is huge problem in ecommerce. Minimizing the number of abandoned carts should be on your marketing agenda. People abandon carts because they change their mind about buying a product, and it is important to understand why.

One of the most common reasons behind an abandoned cart is money. People change their mind in the last minute because they are not sure they are getting a good deal. However, one thing that is established is that they definitely want to buy that product. You can use this information to show that using a similar product. You can also use that information to send customized emails when that item is on discount.

Same goes for wish lists. Send your prospects a personalized email or push message whenever their wish list item is on discount, and you will get a definite sale out of it.


Just because ecommerce is all about online sales doesn’t mean your marketing endeavors should be limited to digital venues. You can explore the traditional marketing channels and strategies as well. They may have a higher cost, but they can bring you massive brand recognition that ultimately translates into sales. Mix it up a bit. See what works and keep updating your ecommerce marketing strategies for consistent results.


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