Three Ways Digital Technology Is Benefiting the Workplace

Business leaders have embraced digital technology as the modern office standard, leaving behind any illusion of relying on electric typewriters and paper filing systems. In every iteration and generation of various technologies, workers become more adept at adapting to a quick and seemingly endless barrage of technology, whether hardware, software, or in the cloud.

Most of the time, small business owners and CEOs of large corporations don't have time to stop and take a look around to take inventory of all the ways that digital technology is benefiting the workplace. Such has been the rapid and intense power of technological advancements that business leaders can now easily designate digital technology as an assumed net good.

What Are the Benefits Digital Technology Provides?

In spite of knowing how beneficial digital technology is to the modern workplace, it is important to occasionally take a more in-depth look at what some of those benefits are so you can reap even more value from them. Everything from the nature of workplace communications to safety strategies is evolving in the growing digital ecosphere of the modern workspace—whether in a traditional office, warehouse, or trucking terminal.

Understanding these benefits can also help you determine the best strategy for investing in future technologies. As we barrel more deeply into the global marketplace, digital technology is taking an even greater place at the table, making it critical to learn its benefits along with how to best exploit them to your advantage.

Here are three ways digital technology is benefiting the workplace:

1. Boosts Employee Satisfaction

According to Business Family First, digital technology consistently boosts employee satisfaction. As businesses face rapidly changing demographics and employee preferences in the modern workplace, it is more important than ever to understand just what your employees need to feel satisfied, valued, and inspired to grow with your organization. While employees in traditional office environments generally have easy access to a device to check their email or the company intranet system, they are not always tied to their desk or working the standard workday shift. Workplace digital signage has the power to reach all employees, from the front office to the docks, throughout the day, no matter what their shift, location, or duties may be.

Digital communications of all kinds create effective and efficient ways to boost employee satisfaction by imparting a variety of valuable professional and motivational information, including the following:

  • Reports on company performance and goals
  • New employees
  • Employee recognition for a job well done
  • Health and fitness tips
  • Safety regulation updates
  • Work anniversaries and employee birthdays
  • Weather and traffic alerts

Employees appreciate employers' efforts to treat them as whole people, showing them their value as human beings and not just as employees.

2. Improved Productivity

The sheer speed with which employees can now perform their tasks has drastically improved productivity all on its own. The fast-paced business world now requires companies to tap into the latest technology to stay competitive, making laptops, smartphones, tablets, high-speed internet, cloud storage, and so much more, standard in today's business settings. People can work with ease while on the go, checking texts, emails, and digital signage within the workplace while heading from the accounting department to the dock, or even the airport.

Access to such a wide variety of digital technologies allows employees greater freedom and capabilities to optimize time management while working anywhere. Whether at their desk or remotely, they can accomplish their goals faster and often with greater precision.

3. Faster and More Accurate Employer Distribution of Information

Before digital technology communications became such a large part of the modern workplace environment, most of what employees “learned” about workplace information was secondhand, delayed, or flat out rumors—given the nature of altered details in each new telling of information. Employers might have had to hold several company meetings because they couldn’t coordinate a time where everyone from different departments could attend, or maybe they distributed paper copies of a memorandum. Either way, by the time the employees got the information, the details might have already changed.

With today's technology, employees can keep up with important company information on a moment-to-moment basis via digital communications, such as digital signage.

Enjoy Additional Workplace Benefits with Workplace Digital Signage

If you are still searching for ways to tighten up communications and reach all workers, especially those who aren’t in front of computers every day, then digital signage can help you reach them anywhere, at any time. You don't have to wonder if they've gotten the latest OSHA tips or the news that traffic on a major outbound shipping route is at a dead halt. A quick scan of a conveniently located visual communication bulletin board, and they will know right away.


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