Major E-commerce Mistakes People Commit When Selling Online

Running a successful E-commerce business in a highly-competitive market is not an easy job to do and making a mistake is not acceptable at all. Enjoying high conversion rate, ROI, revenue and sales on a regular basis is possible if right tools, expertise, and determination to stay competitive are present. It is highly important to resolve common mistakes that other brands usually make on their E-commerce websites. From selecting the inappropriate development platform to neglecting the user experience, in this blog, major mistakes with proper solutions are mentioned. If you’ve proper objective to grow your online business, check out these major mistakes to avoid when selling online.

  1. Selecting the Wrong E-commerce Platform

Whether you own an online store or planning to start an online store, the selection of platforms can make or break the business. The role of a platform role is not only to display and sell products, but it is a source of customer engagement, retention and grow business over time.


Once complete layout for your online business is developed, select the platform on the basis of the below factors:

  • Budget
  • Products to sell
  • Business scalability
  • Inventory Management
  • Website customization
  • Data Security & Smooth Checkout
  • Customer experience

Selecting a platform on the basis of popularity can trigger multiple issues. This wrong selection could mean more time, & money, investment into reaching the desired results. Make sure this mistake is not made while selecting a platform for online business.


  1. Ignoring Target Audience

Having a business plan, and engaging website but still not getting desired results. Unfortunately, engaging website is not sufficient to be successful. One of the major mistakes businesses usually commit is ignoring the target audience's needs and their requirements.

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  • Do proper research
  • Analyze audience that actually needs your product or service
  • Implement local language to communicate with customer
  • Build a marketing strategy

Take out some time to know your customers. To decide who your customer is, market research is important.

This includes:

  • Understanding the pain points of the customers
  • Knowing their past experiences
  • Finding the way to engage
  • Sharing content in local language
  • Addressing their issues

With such crucial data, you’ll be in a better position to interact with your audience and remain ahead of the competitor.


  1. Complex Checkout Process

One of the major reasons behind an E-commerce website low sales, conversion rate and ROI is the complicated checkout process. Once buyers have reached the payment step, close the deal. But, here plenty of abandoned carts occurs. This usually occurs because of multiple reasons and the biggest one as mentioned earlier is an ambiguous checkout process. If your customers come across any difficulty through the checkout phase they immediately exit the website without buying the product.


To improve the conversion rate, try to implement a smooth checkout process. Don’t force them to create an account before making a purchase. Let them do the payment, and add it to your email list. Remove all the loopholes that can affect your sales. Make Website navigation clear, smooth and concise. Outline the steps needed to make a purchase. Finally, make sure no unnecessary fees occur in the bill. Everything should be included from the starting. Making a purchase needs trust and thus no doubt should be present to appear as spammy.

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  1. Poor Customer Support

Customer support comprises of multiple things. The most important thing it includes is the way user queries are replied. It’s how you answer questions and comments on social platforms. It’s how you deal with the customer's complaints over the call and via email. How much time do you need to make a reply? It’s any sort of interaction you have with a customer. Poor customer support includes slow response time, impatience, and not doing refunds are some of the reasons to lose customers.


You should be available to your customers round the clock at every phase like filling the form, checking out, and the follow-up. This ensures that they don’t experience any issue with the website, or if they come across an issue, you are able to deal with it. If you take a lot of time to respond, rely on chatbot replies, or send one-word answers, you will have a long list of unhappy customers. Your customer support is the fuel of your business. It is not simple task to engage an existing customer, but when you offer incredible services your business grows automatically.

Wrapping Up:

The above mistakes are some of the most common ones that people usually do and to stay ahead of their competitors and reach customers they need to be avoided. To achieve that first learn from the mistakes others commit, while keeping the business objectives in mind. By having prior knowledge about the common errors that other business enterprises experience in E-commerce, you can run your business without any trouble.

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