Special Delivery: How to Synchronize Your Receiving Area

How you go about organizing your receiving area can pay dividends back to your company. It does so by saving you both time and money to have a receiving area that’s operating at peak efficiency. Here are some of the strategies that you can use that will help you to attain this goal.

Utilize Barcode Labeling

Barcode labeling makes it more efficient to process your deliveries. It’s easier to scan in your goods and have it registered into your inventory management system. Another thing to consider as a part of this process is to ensure that you segregate your supplies in an appropriate manner. For example, you want to use up your current inventory before you start using the more recently received supplies. This will eliminate much of the waste in which many businesses struggle.

Focus on Logistics

The physical logistics of your receiving area play a large part in the overall efficiency of your system. For example, using a dock plate prevents an accident from occurring while your supplies are being unloaded. It also saves your employees from having to do all of the heavy lifting. You may be able to have one employee running your receiving bay instead of an entire team if you have the right tools in place.

Compile Data

Keeping track of your supplies, when things should arrive, and how quickly they are processed helps you to implement more effective systems. Another thing to track is the rate at which you receive damaged supplies. You don’t want to have to pay for things that aren’t useful for your business. Having a system that tracks all of this data gives you a better idea about where you need to focus your efforts. Once you’ve compiled this information, you can make changes to your existing process.

Develop Metrics

As a part of your data collection process, you should be able to develop a set of metrics. This will help your employees to know what you expect of them when they’re working in the receiving area. Developing stretch goals and taking input from your employees can also help to improve how shipments are received. Error rates are another good indicator of where your problem areas lie. Working to reduce these errors saves you money and reduces your labor costs.

How you handle your deliveries may not seem all that important in the operation of your business. Use these tips so that you can get a handle on things and reduce time spent in the receiving bay.


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