Simple Ways to Reduce Anxiety & Stress at Work

Work anxiety is real. Anxiety-related issues have been swept under the carpet for years; however, it is finally time to talk about it openly and accept the monster which has led people to take drastic steps in their lives.
It crawls on a person like an abyss, drastically altering their life. So much so, they begin to count down the minutes at their workplace. Three out of four people feel that anxiety and stress interfere in their daily life, workplace being no exception—affecting their performance, work relationships, etc.

Are you facing anxiety and stress issues at work and this sinking feeling in your heart has been throwing you off balance? Your life is about to change in 5 simple steps. You can follow these steps while sitting at your desk to reduce anxiety and stress.

Build Strong Work Relations

It begins with knowing the names of people at your workplace, especially your team members. Knowing everyone on a personal basis can build a strong foundation for you at your office. First name basis acknowledgments have the power to cut down on unnecessary gossip session, focusing on the solution and settling down discords with colleagues, if any. A solid one-to-one work relationship has the potential to lower anxiety or stress by 60 percent.

Observe Your Natural Breath

Did you know you have been your saviour all this while? To simplify it for your effortless understanding—the act of observing your natural breath is also known as ‘Anapanasati’. It’s not merely a technique to teleport to a deep meditative state, but a way of life. Advantages of Anapanasati are numerous, however, to keep it short, here’s what you need to do—

Cross your legs, intertwine your fingers making a cup-like shape with the palms of your hands (it just sounds complicated, it is not) and close your eyes—followed by observing the inhaling and exhaling motion of your natural breath. It is the simplest way to connect with self and to quiet the restless thoughts in your head while sitting at your desk. Just breathe and be!


Easy and a simple step, right? Well, it is a no brainer, but people hardly follow what the easiest way to deal with things is. People are generally nice; you merely need to ask. When you are bogged down by stress or anxiety, make sure you share it with the people in office who are approachable, ask for help and you shall receive. Communicating with people goes a long way both, personally and professionally. Also, communication does not require any physical work; the person you seek in your office to share your load is simply a text or call away.

Always Carry a Healthy Snack

More often than not, people tend to binge while under an anxiety attack or feeling stress. For an adverse situation like this always keep a healthy snack handy to munch on. A protein or Granola bar can do wonders in such circumstances. Something sweet is one of the most potent medicine against anxiety and stress as it helps release Serotonin (the happy hormone) in your body faster than any other food supplement.

Take Part in Team Building Activities

What is a team? As stupid this question might sound, it is crucial for you to seek within what do you feel about being in a team. A team can build you, or it can break you. In a cut-throat competition, it is ubiquitous for people to be very competitive, especially in an organisation. A team building activity is a sure shot way to understand the members of your group and build healthy relations. Group activity is a powerful tool to realise your potential and learn a great deal from the people around you. So, next time there is a volleyball match or an after-work office party, make sure you are a part of it.

Final Thoughts

When you decide to stop being a captive to your thoughts, you break free from the chains of work anxiety and stress. So here’s to breaking free—Build relations with your colleagues. Munch on a healthy snack (preferably a protein bar) to boost Serotonin levels in your body. Observe your natural breath and dive in deep to free yourself from the shackles of ignorance, the primary reason for anxiety and stress. Most importantly, communicate to solidify your partnership with your team members and contribute to your holistic well-being whilst sitting at your desk.


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Jade works for Maximillion, a team-building and event management company passionate about productivity.

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