How to Build a Brand For Your Small Business

Marketing is a challenge for companies of all sizes, but small businesses face unique obstacles when attempting to establish their brand. In addition to a lack of existing brand recognition, small businesses don’t have access to the same resources as larger organizations.

That said, you can develop a strong brand image regardless of the size of your company. While this process takes time, the changes you make today will have a lasting effect on the future of your business. These are just a few of the top strategies small businesses can use to build a better brand image.

Create a Unique Visual Style

Building your brand is all about differentiating your company from competitors, and graphic design is a great place to start. First, come up with an attractive color scheme that matches your brand. Color has a surprising effect on audience behavior, and each color has unique associations.

You’ll also need to identify a matching font. Fonts with serifs look more professional, while sans-serif alternatives are more commonly used for things like apps and websites. Don’t underestimate the impact of visual style on your brand image.

Focus on Social Media

Digital marketing is becoming more important for businesses in every field, and social media is particularly important for small businesses that need to establish customer relationships. Of course, you’ll need to learn which channels your audience use in order to identify the right platforms for your brand.

Rather than simply using social media to distribute the same messages, look for ways to engage your audience on a more personal level. User-generated content, for example, is a great way to keep your social media feed interesting while interacting with customers.

Develop a Great Website

More and more consumers buy products online every year, and businesses that neglect online sales are quickly falling behind. Your website should match the rest of your brand presence across channels in order to make it more distinctive.

Problems with the online shopping user experience often prevent small businesses from making more sales, so it’s critical to regularly evaluate your processes. Visit your website on an iPhone, Android, and computer at least a few times each year to identify any issues. Small businesses simply can’t afford to lose online sales because of technical issues.

Building your brand can feel overwhelming when you have limited resources, but even small businesses can improve their brand image. These tips will help you get the most out of your marketing budget and increase both sales and customer retention.


Guest post courtesy of Luke Hayward from Funding Circle 

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