Smart Business Strategies for a Memorable First Impression

Creating a business is not so easy but maintaining a reputation as ‘A reliable business’ is hard-nut-to-crack. Becoming a brand of repute is the ultimate dream of every business regardless of size and niche. However, things start worsening when intangible loopholes begin to affect tangible assets of a company.From here, the downfall of a company gets started. Especially, it is the first impression that suffers most.

However, there are certain smart business strategies if they are applied carefully, then they can help produce a memorable first impression and a brand enjoys widespread popularity and reputation.

Want to know what are those smart business strategies for a memorable first impression?

Let’s start!!!

1- Build a Good Online Presence

Online presence is inevitable for any business or a brand. According to research, a human being spend around 5 hours of each day using smartphones in general. So, it says a lot about potential opportunities for a brand to create their presence and serve their clients well.

But, there are three things which you or any business should keep in mind:

a) You need a responsive, purpose-oriented and user-friendly website to hook your targeted audience with the right products and services.( Good News: If you can’t handle website development and designing stuff all alone, don’t worry — You’ll find numerous services to help you in this regard).

b) Social media is new normal. You can connect not just with friends but with potential clients. Your business page should be persuasive and genuine storytelling of your brand’s mission: Serve better and Serve differently).

c) Content marketing helps you get good ranking across different search engines. Wondering — What is correlation between you( Company or Brand) and content marketing?
Well, people search for anything – From companies to products and service  – at first on the internet and then make a decision. Content marketer not only help you to get good ranking on search engines but also help your brand create unforgettable first impression.

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2- Keep a  Professional Customer Success Team

A professional customer success team will help you bridge the communication gap between you and customers. Unlike support teams, customer success teams build trust and credibility in the eyes of customers. Keep in mind: no business is perfect. Every product has or had technical glitches. It depends upon how you help your customers overcome complexity related to products or services.

In the past, customer success teams were not talk of the town. Even, there wasn’t an idea that companies would have a bunch of guys sitting with phones in their hands and ready to roll.

So, if you want to make your business trustworthy in the eyes of consumers, build your customer success teams and create your memorable first impression.

3- Let your Clients Enjoy Free Gifts, Discount Offers and Giveaways.

Your client is an opportunity for you to grow your business. So, letting it go wasted will be a big mistake for you. There is a plethora of things you can do to attract, persuade and convert leads into potential clients. And, there are a couple of ways to attain this goal – Free Gifts and Discount Offers

A business can benefit from both methods of marketing: a) Traditional, and b) Digital, in this regard for quick output of marketing endeavors.

And, an intelligent business owner and an entrepreneur better understands the viability of marketing platforms to encourage customers for increased online presence, sales and ROI.

For example, you provide services to companies in which you help them with responsive and user-centric user-experience (UX) and user interface (UI), engage them with free gifts, discount offers — And, they will love to come back to you again and again.

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Likewise, run a contest on your website, and offer giveaways to contestants who win it.

This is also a persuasive strategy to optimize your first impression and help other people benefit from your affordable, professional and top of the heap services.

4- Always Offer Purpose-Driven Products and Services

This digital revolution has changed everything for both businesses and consumers. Businesses have no room to deal with low-standard and mediocre products and services. And reason, competition is tough everywhere. Your chances of winning confidence of ultimate users that too with Not-so-Purpose-driven products and services are near to zero.

On the other hand, customers are prone to short attention span. We, humans, are naturally easy to distract. So, if you want to grab the attention of your targeted audience, you need to ideate, research, and provide products and services which will help solve users’ key issues- effectively and affordably.

Keep in mind: Branding is a storytelling, but presenting the right kind of solutions with your products and services is a surefire way to make a happy and lasting impacts in the minds of users. In this regard, Golpik is a noteworthy mention.

Following is a three-step process to build better products and services:

1- Find the true needs of your targeted audience and build interactive mock-ups.
2- Design Feasibility report with in-depth research and highlight key weaknesses and strengths of your product or service.
3- Find the right moment (Because good business managers know how to manage time effectively), and launch.

This way, your business will definitely mark a noteworthy first impression in your audiences( Customers).

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Final Words – Smart Business Strategies for a Memorable First Impression

In the end,

It is NOT difficult at all to build memorable first impression. All you need to do is to implement rock-solid, and tested smart strategies discussed here:

1- Build your online presence with idealistic web design to engage your targeted audience.

2- Maintain a customer success team for trust-building with clients.

3- Promote your brand with free gifts, discounts offers and giveaways.

4- Entice your customers with purpose-driven products and services.

Rest assured: you’ll find your brand or business going from nowhere to everywhere with these strategies and would enjoy quick and stable ROI.

Do you agree with smart business strategies for a memorable first impression discussed in length here? Share your views in the comment section below:


Guest post courtesy of John Lawson from GOLPIK, Inc. They offer healthcare integration solutions with viable implementation and real-life benefits for end-users (Patients, Doctors, Clinicians etc.)

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