6 Tips On How To Get Into Affiliate Marketing In 2020

Affiliate marketing might seem like a simple deal: you recommend a product or a service to your audience, and if they buy something, you earn money. But to be truly successful in 2020, you have to be honest both, to you yourself and others. In this article, there are 8 tips on how to run a successful affiliate business and remain true to yourself.

#1 Tip: Consult With Your Heart 

As cheesy as it may sound, it's essential to know what your passion is and what you truly enjoy doing. If you try to work with brands that are not relevant to you, people will notice it.

As Stackla data report states, not only can people notice inauthentic content, but they also distance themselves from insincere ideas. Data shows that 30% of Millennials have unfollowed a brand because the content didn’t seem authentic. To be appealing to your audience, first and foremost, you need to be true to yourself.


#2 Tip: Seek The Best Deal

When you decide on the content of your blog, look for topic-related brands that offer affiliate programs. At this point, it’s essential to remember that this is a partnership and you should seek for the best deal and fair pay.

Ameritrade conducted a Financial Taboos Survey, and the results show that Americans would rather discuss politics, health issues, and religion than money. It means that people tend to shy away from salary-related topics. Don’t make this mistake. Be sure that you're fairly paid for your work. Carry out research between different brands and compare their offers. Some give a percentage of the sale. While others offer a fixed amount for every conversion. Seek what's right for you.


#3 Tip: Content Is Your Bread And Butter

When you intend to buy something specific, you probably research before making the final decision. It's likely that you compare different options and check the pros and cons. Most people do the same, so if you want to grab their attention, good content is a must. When mentioning or suggesting a brand, be precise and accurate. People value informative texts and useful tips. Remember, if you appealingly craft your texts, it's likely that it will be shared amongst peers.

The New York Times did a study about The Psychology of Sharing. In the study, they state the insight that you should “appeal to consumers' motivation to connect with each other – not just with your brand.” When writing your content, think not only about the people you want to reach but also about their bond with friends. Make the text engaging enough to be shared.


#4 Tip: Don’t Miss Out On The Visuals

Back in 1996, Bill Gates wrote that Content Is King, but when writing the text, remember that the visuals are the jewelry of the crown. They are more visible and memorable, and to some extent, more vital. People read for their conscious mind, but they make decisions in the subconscious, and visuals hit precisely there.

Iowa State University researched camp for children with diabetes. They used rotating images of salad on a digital display to influence their eating habits. The photos did the trick. Children were 50 to 70 percent more likely to serve themselves some salad. It illustrates that visuals have an impact on decision making. They can make people act and think in new ways without even realizing it. Keep this in mind and make sure to use visuals with your written content.


#5 Tip: Keep Your Website At The Highest Standards

You can fill your website with the highest quality content and the most appealing visuals, but if it fails to load fast enough, then it’s all in vain. According to Hostinger data, approximately 25% of people abandon a website if it loads longer than 4 seconds.

To keep your website at the highest standards, you should do your best to increase your website speed. For this matter, Balys Krikščiūnas, CEO of Hostinger, suggests reducing the image size, getting the website cached, using a content delivery network, and choosing the most suitable hosting plan.


#6 Tip: Without Commitment, Nothing Happens

Even with expectations intact, commitment is essential for your success. In affiliate marketing, the most valuable element is trustworthiness. And it takes time to build trust. Psychologist Sherrie Campbell shares her insights on Entrepreneur: “Pledge to work hard even when you're not yet reaping the benefits. It's the last man standing who ends up winning the race.”

It is simple to get into affiliate marketing. The real challenge is to stay true to yourself and be consistent. You can succeed if you choose your topics consulted with your heart, but don’t shy away from salary-related topics. Work hard on your texts, but don’t forget the visuals. Your content might be left unseen if your website fails to load fast enough, so take care of technical details as well. Once you begin your affiliate journey in 2020, don’t quit too soon!

In the beginning, it might seem that you give more than you get. But it’s a natural phase, and if you continue working hard, you will reap the fruits of your labor.


Guest post courtesy of Ram Kezel

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