Best Practices to Acquire Talent via LinkedIn as a Startup

Time restrictions often hamper recruitment initiatives. It is important to streamline your recruitment efforts to get the best out of the time you invest in talent acquisition.

Use LinkedIn Recruiter tool to get brilliant results. Use it to effectively find the right recruits for your company.

Follow the following practices to acquire talent via LinkedIn as a startup:

1.  Discover talent from within your followers

LinkedIn’s research shows that more than half the people who follow your company page on LinkedIn want to work for you.

Take advantage of this insight to look for valuable talent from within your followers.

The best practice to follow is by sending the shortlisted candidates an InMail as according to these statistics the chances of company followers accepting InMails are as high as 95% and out of which 81% are more likely to respond to it.

2.  Streamline your search for talent

Is your search for talent on LinkedIn beginning to feel redundant? If you have seen the same individual multiple times and your talent acquisition scheme is just not moving forward, it is time to change your approach.

You can use LinkedIn Recruiter to create individual projects for individual roles. This allows easy switching between the candidates you are looking at and your pipeline. You can simply save or hide profiles based on their candidacy.

Moreover, with the Recruiter tool, you do not have to worry about losing ongoing progress as you can save it and pick it up whenever you next need to look for candidates.

3.  Use InMail

Effective InMail messages will garner a higher response rate as opposed to a normal LinkedIn message.

Keep your message to the point. An InMail of under 100 words is the most effective. Keep the tone conversational, ask them about what their career objectives are so you can show them how your company will be the right fit for them.

4.  Draft a coherent job description

For maximum engagement, steer clear of industry jargon, complicated acronyms, uncommon abbreviations, and any such confusing terminologies while drafting your job description.

Moreover, you want a diverse talent pool. The best practice to ensure that your message is not gender coded is to avoid exclusive-sounding words like ‘rock star’ or ‘guru’ in your job titles. General job titles that describe the profile are your best bet.

If you want to zero in on the right people; include salary, qualifications, and job responsibilities in your job description.

5.  Use LinkedIn Recruiter’s amazing features

Features like ‘Apply Starter’ and ‘Search Insights’ will lead you towards untapped talent pools.

The Apply Starter feature allows you to see the profiles of the individuals who did not complete their job applications. Further, you can also search through the pool of candidates that might have applied to a previous similar job listing.

Further, use the Search Insights feature to analyze your talent pool’s data. This can shed a light on what kind of jobs your candidates held in the past, the average years of experience, education, etc.


Leverage the following practices laid out in this article to acquire talent via LinkedIn as a startup:

  • Find talent from your existing followers.
  • Use LinkedIn recruiters and take advantage of its features such as the ‘Apply starter’ and ‘Search Insights’.
  • Use InMail to send messages to the targeted candidates.
  • Draw up a simple and straightforward job description.

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