Why You Should Consider Digital Agency For Your Business

 Modern technology has changed the way we do business.  Even though companies continue to see the value of advertising agencies to drive more customers and increase their sales, digital technology has revolutionized the way companies and their brands connect with the consumers.  Digital agencies are on the rise, helping brands acquire new customers by employing new channels that have never been used before by traditional advertising agencies.  Primarily, they target audiences who are online, be it in social media, mobile devices, pay per click, responsive web designs, and other traditional mediums.



People see the role of digital agencies as just dealing with websites and designs.  While this may be partly true, there is more to it than designing websites like High Jump Digital, the truth is they have many other functions.  Digital agencies make use of tools different tools like web analytics to observe and analyze the behavior of the different types of consumers.   In addition, they are in charge of monitoring, modifying, and creating advertisement campaigns that are released online.  Digital agencies are more efficient as compared with traditional advertising agencies in terms of pinpointing and targeting various regions and also with different demographic groups.  They create advertisements and put them on other websites together with the different search engines.  The advertisements will also appear on different online mediums in video format.



Benefits of hiring a digital agency

There are many different benefits in getting a digital agency to do the heavy lifting for you.  When you hire a digital agency, you may expect these benefits for you.

  1. They are cost-efficient.  Stacked up against traditional advertising methods in terms of cost, going online to advertise with the help of a digital agency is more cost effective.  For small businesses, this translates to huge benefits because they have smaller funding.  Online ads do not need to make use of expenses such as a professional video production.
  2. Time.  Time is gold, as the cliche goes.  Yet this is true when you are running a business.  If you do not have much time to spare, digital marketing campaigns can be completed in a matter of a few days after the parameters of the campaign have been set.  One of the first among the campaigns to be launched is the pay per click ads, since they use only texts for this.  Closely following these are ads that are more sophisticated in terms of display.  Because of this, it is safe to say that a faster response to both marketers and the end users can be expected as well.


Disadvantages of hiring digital agencies

 One major detriment with using digital marketing is that for it to be effective, a business will require a team with unusual skills and understanding on the vast technological intricacies that this very dynamic environment and continues to evolve.  One misstep, and you might find business miles behind the competition.


Digital marketing faces an old threat: Advertising agencies

Despite the rise of digital marketing, advertising and marketing agencies are still a force that lurk behind digital agencies.  They still dominate the industry mainly because of their sheer size and numbers.  Aside from that, momentum is on their side, obviously, as many companies still hold on to the traditional advertising methods that have withstood the test of time.  They may see digital marketing as a threat, but they are not quaking in their boots and are instead fighting back.  They have at their disposal a wide range of service solutions.  They are capable of handling everything, from media placements to branding.  Additionally, the advertisements placed through these agencies can reach out to a far wider audience because of their huge arsenal of marketing tools.


Advertising agencies have other advantages, like:

 1. Security. Advertising agencies, because they have been around for a long time, are more safe and secure and good to invest in.  They are more established and will not be going away any time soon, if at all.  You will be fully aware of what you are getting in to.  Who knows, your competitors might also be doing the same.

Another thing about digital marketing when we talk about security is the threat to privacy.  Cyberattacks are getting rampant, especially for well-established businesses.  These threats are an ever-evolving danger to companies, employees, and consumers because criminals can get access to sensitive data or steal money.

 2. Everything you need is here. Advertising agencies, as we mentioned earlier, have a wide range of marketing tools right at their fingertips.   Tell them what you want, and they will arrange it for you.  Their holistic advertising approach to advertising is a great way to promote a brand.

Digital agencies and advertising agencies are as of this moment different from each other.  But as advertising agencies continue to adapt to the changing time, the distinction may not be apparent in the future.  Still, you can expect digital marketing to be steps ahead when it comes to advertising and –  being cost-effective –  has the overall advantage.


Guest post courtesy of Ruby. She works with Perth's number one digital marketing agency

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