How to Use Technology to Improve Workplace Productivity

Whether you are a businessman, mentor, marketer, freelancer, or a business manager, the impact of Technology on boosting workplace productivity and creating a progressive business environment is worth investing in. Technology, in a simple term, can be defined as the product of science, which has many applications directed towards achieving a particular set down rules and regulations.

Some of the products of technology that influence workplace productivity include machines, software, hardware, and other electronic gadgets. You will find them in the discharging of one or various functions in virtually all companies and industrial places of work to increase productivity based on their usage.

The application of technology in business abounds in numbers, but this article focuses on its impact on improving workplace productivity.

Productivity Improvement Using Technology

How does tech come into action in business settings? Well, this section answers this question, and it also alights various points on the vital role of technological innovations in improving productivity in workplaces.

1.    Using Dropbox to store and share company documents:

Dropbox offers cloud storage services that allow users to store files and documents for collection or later use. If a company makes available documents in the Dropbox, then their workers can access it and stay fully informed about trends and updated information in the company. Fast and easy access to a piece of workplace information by employees will boost productivity and up to date discharge of duties by workers.

2.    Using of Group chats for meetings

There are a lot of social platforms, which can be used in workplaces for administrative meetings no matter the distance involved. This will save the stress of sending and receiving emails and also the problem of climbing stairs and moving across offices for meetings. Some of these platforms include Zoom, Google Hangouts, Onstream Meetings, etc. Some of these platforms are fully equipped features like enable various form meetings, whether one-on-one interaction, video call, conferencing, and even for interview purposes. This is also added to tips in becoming an entrepreneur.

3.    Creation of company's awareness and product using technological tools

Technology can also be used to boost productivity through advertisement creation about the company and its products. Using technological tools for advertisement enhance their outreach and social presence, which can boost their productivity in terms of sales. It has the potential of reaching people anywhere in the world. Making use of advertisement websites for business purposes will enable people to know the brand, the availability of their products, and it can go as far as convincing them to become customers.

Nowadays, businesses use a series of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. for awareness creation, and to make sure they have enough engagements with people. Advertisement is very important in every business as they may not get enough outreach and awareness for their product without this. Competition between workplaces of the same product is now rampant. The sales depend on technological tools each brand has in its capacity to be ahead of their competitors. This is one of the very few things business owners, and entrepreneurs should be conscious about.

4.    Analysis tools to analyze employee's productivity

There are a series of tools that can be used to measure workplace performance, and goals can be set through the analysis and also helps in monitoring the progress of the workplace. Some of these tools include 360-degree feedback, productivity records, employee appraisals. This monitoring process enables the discovery of various vital things that are needed to be changed. Usage of analysis tools will allow a proper understanding of the events and also to make sure that workers are putting in their best for the progress of the organization.

5.    Time tracking tools help in productivity increment

Time tracking is simply the process of tracking work done and measuring time usages by an employee during work. Having a good time reporting system will enable your workers to know what their good time is and also how well they've utilized it for the sole benefit of moving the organization forward towards will boosting efficiency. Some examples of the best time tracking tools are toggl, timeboy, rescuetime, timecamp, etc. Time tracking tools definitely proffer solutions to the problem of procrastination, which will, in turn, improve productivity.

6.    Remote working enhancement via Technology advancement

Technology innovations have made it more convenient for business owners to save more cost on physical office spaces by allowing some of their employees to work from home.  Remote working incorporated with time tracking application to monitor each employee's progress with assigned duties will enhance work productivity.

We have discussed six ways in which technology improves the productivity of workplaces. Do you have similar or different experiences with the key points mentioned above? Let us hear about your perspective in the comment section below.


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