5 Tips on Beating Procrastination While Creating a Business Plan

There are many ways that will stand in your way when you are trying to start a business. From figuring out the complicated business lingo to dealing with your financial plans, there is quite a lot to tackle. This is why you should always ensure you create a business plan. Not only will doing so help you collect your thoughts, but it will also give you a fantastic overview of your whole operations.

However, probably the biggest problem of creating a business plan is procrastination. People always find reasons not to do something, and this can sadly deter you from success quite significantly. This is why today we take a look at 5 sure proof ways to finally stop procrastination and create your business plan.

 1. Stop daydreaming and just do what you need to

Somehow, when you need to start your work, there is always something occupying your attention more. You might be dreaming about what your business will look like instead of actually planning it. Or, you might be focusing on the news or entertainment instead of dealing with the tasks at hand. There will always be more time tomorrow, so why should you tackle what you need to do right at this moment?

This thinking is exactly what makes you procrastinate and put things off. Finding everything else more entertaining than what you need to do can drag you down and slow the whole process. To stop this from happening, you will need to learn to “call your own bluff.” Try to find a way to stop daydreaming and focusing on the way things should be like. Instead, try to focus on how you can make them happen. This should serve as a push towards doing what you need – in this case, creating a business plan for your startup.

Just setting your mind up to something should be enough. Often, this can help tip the scales towards your goals. To help you further, you can set yourself up with an excellent reward system. Plan out the work you need to do and, if you achieve it, give yourself a reward. This can be anything – from time off to your favorite meal. Whatever it takes to get your working juices flowing will be enough!

 2. Realize that finances are not that scary

The second huge thing that helps spur your procrastination is the fear of the unknown. This can be a huge problem – especially if you are new to entrepreneurship. For example, one of the most common worries we see with people is how to deal with finances. Startup financial projections can often be petrifying – the name itself, as well as what you will need to do with them.

However, to beat this procrastination, it's essential to understand that this isn't that hard to do. Try to anticipate all your expenses – including labor, supplies, overhead, etc. Then, look into your sales forecasts and figure out your anticipated income. Sometimes, you will want to make these quite detailed – for example, on a weekly basis.

There are many ways to achieve this. You can go simple and use spreadsheet software or an accounting tool. However, there are many tools that you can find online, which can help you with this as well. What's more, a lot of business planning software nowadays already comes equipped with these tools. So, all you really need to do is start working, and the tool itself will guide you through the financial planning.

The same can also apply to anything that might seem foreign and scary to you when creating a business plan too. If there is anything confusing, do not be afraid to ask for help. There are many professionals (or experienced people) who can easily help you with anything – as long as you ask!

 3. How to deal with the psychological block

Another big way in which procrastination manifests is through psychological blocks. Sometimes, you will be sitting in your chair, staring at the empty page for hours without being able to type a word. This can apply to writing books, articles – as well as business plans. So how do you beat the feeling of not being “up to it?”

Well, there are a lot of things you can do. We already mentioned “tricking yourself into doing it,” but there are other things you can do too! For example, you can commit yourself to doing just five minutes of work. Usually, the toughest part of any chore is making an effort and starting work. From there, everything should be much easier!

Similarly, getting the software and tools we mentioned above can also help you with this. Business planning tools will divide the whole work into smaller chunks. This way, the chore will look more manageable – and your psychological block will dissipate quickly. In addition, a good tool will do a lot of work for you – all you need is to input good information.

 4. Accountability can help you beat your procrastination

This might not be the “happiest” way of dealing with your procrastination, but adding a little stress into the mix might be able to help. It can seem crazy – the idea of adding stress to your already stressed being. Some might even call it fuel to the fire! However, this small push can often be exactly what you need to get yourself working.

The main point of this exercise is to add accountability to your workflow. As human beings, we react well to it. Just knowing that you need to finish something might not be enough. However, knowing that someone is waiting for you to finish your chore can be the push you need. Don't worry – you do not need to involve your coworkers. Sometimes, calling your friends or family can be enough. They can hold you accountable if you are not being productive and help you be productive.

You should also set up some kind of a deadline or due date for your business plan too. Combined with your friends, this will make you feel responsible for the work you are doing. Therefore, you will just have to sit down and start planning your startup with the clock ticking in the background.

 6. Minimize all distractions to create a good plan

Finally, there is nothing worse for your procrastination than distractions. Sadly, technology can deter us from our work as much as it can help us work faster. Almost everything around us pings with notifications and begs for you to take another glance at it. But it is not only technology that you need to worry about. Sometimes, even family members, friends, neighbors, or pets can be too much for you.

This is why you should try your best to reduce any distractions. Designate a special “office space” in your home (if you do not have already), away from any distractions or noise. Only use it for your work. This way, when you sit down at your desk, you will know you are there to create your business plan – and you will want to do it.

As you can see, procrastination isn't that tough to beat. All you need is some dedication and some creativity! So do not be afraid to tackle it head-on – just use some of the methods we mentioned in this article!


Guest post courtesy of Alex from IdeaBuddy

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