Bitcoin vs Real Estate: Which One Is More Lucrative?

Are you interested in investing in different markets? Which market do you think will win in 2021?

Many people are only interested in one market and avoid changing their field because of various reasons. For example, many of them are afraid of losing their money in the new market.

Bitcoin is the newest market in the world, and probably the fastest-growing one. On the other hand, real estate is one of the oldest markets and has its own fans. What is your choice between these two different investment fields, real estate or Bitcoin?

If you are reflecting on which one of these assets is a good fit for you, keep reading the following sentences.

What is the real estate industry?

Real estate investment is the act of buying/selling/renting a property to make money. There are various approaches in this field such as flipping homes, renting business spaces, providing condo assignment resale, becoming a residential landlord, renting out a vacation property, or even embarking on something like Airbnb.

Clearly, real estate involves tangible assets and provides clear value to the owner. Real estate assets usually have remarkable durability and stability in value so it’s perfect for those who are patient enough.

Real estate is:

  • Limited: the amount of land on our planet is limited
  • Necessary: all people need property to live
  • Flexible: many buildings can provide you with several applications without major changes.

So it is highly unlikely that the real estate industry becomes worthless over time unless you mismanage your properties. In other words, real estate is one of the most stable markets in the world.

Investing in the real estate industry can diversify your portfolio and protect it from fluctuations. Of course, becoming successful in this field requires a great deal of effort and knowledge.

On the other hand, the real estate industry has several drawbacks for investors. For example, real estate investment is strongly dependent on the country or even the city you want to invest in.

As you know, in some countries and big cities the housing price is already too high that it is impossible to make a great profit. This is one of the biggest challenges with real estate investment.

In other words, you may find yourself having to invest in other regions while you’re not very well connected with the agents there to make sure about what you buy.

Also, investing in the real estate industry of other countries is not that easy and is subjected to various regulations and limitations.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first kind of cryptocurrency invented in 2008 by a person called Satoshi Nakamoto. Incidentally, the bitcoin’s rise in 2009 was followed by the housing market crash across the world.

The main difference between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies is that cryptocurrencies are decentralized. It means that Bitcoin is not controlled by an authority like central banks and is not backed by any real asset like Gold. This revolutionizing characteristic has made it possible to have money without being controlled by banks.

Cryptocurrencies can be mined by anyone using computers in a distributed network. In other words, you need to use a CPU to solve an equation in a ledger system called blockchain to earn money. This is like mining gold and using it as a support for conventional currencies like USD.

Bitcoin can also be changed to conventional currencies and can be used to buy things from online shops. Since Bitcoin is decentralized and independent, its value simply changes by the law of supply and demand. It should be noted that its supply is very limited compared to its demands and this is the reason for its steep growth.

Bitcoin has recently been on the rise. 1 Bitcoin equals 28.193,60 United States Dollar so that if you invested just $500 in it, it would be worth over a whopping 1 billion dollars now.

So it is one of the fastest-growing and also most lucrative fields and you need to consider it when deciding as to which area to invest in: real estate vs Bitcoin.

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin is not tangible, unlike real estate. Another difference is that Bitcoin is not necessary for our existence or even for economic growth.

Even if we suppose that people don’t use conventional currencies, precious metals like gold (GLD) and silver (SLV) can easily be used instead. So many people argue that in the end, you might find yourself with some computer codes that cannot be replaced by any real asset.


In a long-term view, real estate poses a much more stable and risk-reward investment position. So it is a piece of cake to become wealthy if you are patient enough. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a fast-growing market and can take you to your dreams if you can accept the risks.


Guest post courtesy of Tom Siani

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