20 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Their Industries

There’s something unique about each industry and that’s what makes it enjoyable to continue doing business. The people we work with and collaborations we build make the experience worthwhile. The challenges we encounter help build our resilience. More importantly, technology and everyday innovations continue to change the way various industries operate for the better.

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners what they love about their industries and here’s what they had to say.

#1- Stagnancy

Photo Credit: Chris Vaughn

What I love about the alcohol industry is that it has been relatively stagnant since the Prohibition era. Therefore, there is so much room for innovation. We are in a generation that wants convenience and ease as much as possible in their daily lives. It’s been great and rewarding to embark on this journey to transform the way we purchase alcohol.

Thanks to Chris Vaughn, Saucey!

#2- Several things

Photo Credit: Omid Semino

Being in the jewelry industry has opened so many doors for me and my colleagues to look in-depth at how diamonds are handled and manufactured. It’s been great to learn about, and we’ve built our business on the fact that we want to change the industry and cut out the “middlemen” in diamond making to significantly decrease consumer costs. I love that we have had so much room to grow. Of course, I also love that we get to be a part of the most important days of a young couple’s lives. It’s so rewarding to hear how happy we’ve made our customers, and it really makes our work feel worthwhile.

Thanks to Omid Semino, Diamond Mansion!

#3- Openness and community

Photo Credit: Amanda Grossman

As a 10-year personal finance blogger and small business owner (LLC), I’m basically a dinosaur in the blogging world. And the one thing that I have loved about the personal finance blogging industry – that has held true all those 10 years – is the openness of information, outpouring of help, and community built by the bloggers themselves. We give each other quotes for articles, we help Mama-to-be bloggers build a maternity leave by offering guest posts, we celebrate each other’s big life events (births, mortgage payoffs, etc.), and we answer each other’s endless blogging and business-building questions in Facebook groups. Instead of competing against one another, the personal finance blogging industry is the perfect example of a community working together to raise the tides to lift all boats.

Thanks to Amanda Grossman, Frugal Confessions, LLC!

#4- We become better everyday

Photo Credit: Liviu Tanase

What I love the most about my industry is that it allows us to become better at what we do. The ever-evolving tech space and our customer’s needs and expectations foster a constant desire to improve. Running a company in the email industry is exciting. Not only do you have to keep up, but if you want to stand out and make your mark, you have to strive to reach your standards. For my peers and I, that’s a great fuel. We always look forward to accomplishing our next goal, so we never get a chance to get bored.”

Thanks to Liviu Tanase, ZeroBounce!

#5- Everyone has a story

Photo Credit: Shane Daley

Specializing in political website design, we interact with candidates running for almost every elected position available. Everyone has a story. Almost every candidate we speak with will tell us – often without prompting and in great detail – what made them decide to run for office. We hear plenty of interesting stories about local issues, corrupt incumbents, and intra-party intrigue. These days it's easy to question a politician's motives. But in our experience, the goal of most local candidates is simply to make a difference in their community.

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Thanks to Shane Daley, Online Candidate!

#6- Develop very real relationships

Photo Credit: Dawn LaFontaine

I know everybody is going to say that they get to sell into the best industry, but I really do. Cat in the Box fulfills a specific niche in the pet industry, and it sure makes running a business fun. I'm a lifelong animal lover who has spent decades volunteering in animal rescue. I love nothing more than spending my days connecting with other like-minded people. Social media has made this even easier: through Facebook and Instagram especially, I get to know my customers and their pets intimately. This is not just something I enjoy, but it's an opportunity to develop very real relationships with the people who buy from me. There are real benefits to being your own customer avatar. Customers know I'm the real deal that helps convert visitors into shoppers on my e-commerce site. It also gives me a unique insight into what customers want out of their cat products. I know what customers' pets enjoy, and what their owners find frustrating about products already on the market. For someone like me, the pet industry is the very best place to be.

Thanks to Dawn LaFontaine,!

#7- Watching students grow

Photo Credit: Natalia Huang

Being a piano school owner allows me to watch our students grow up. When students take lessons with you for several years (and at times from the age of five to eighteen!), watching them blossom into young musicians is especially rewarding. Even when they do leave, they now forever hold a special place in your heart. These fond memories and feelings of joy inspires me to continue running my school.

Thanks to Natalia Huang, Natalia Huang Piano Studio!

#8- Two reasons

I love the travel industry for many reasons, but two stand out. 1. It is easy to do marketing for. With pretty pictures and dreamy destinations, we rarely have any trouble coming up with ideas for marketing projects. 2. People are in a great mood when they are on vacation. They are easy to deal with and rarely cause issues, sparing us from the I demand to speak to your manager mindset.

Thanks to Matthew Meier, MaxTour!

#9- Uplifting and empowering experience for women

Photo Credit: Lanai Moliterno

What I love about the women's fashion industry in 2021 is that it can be an uplifting and empowering experience for women. I am able to create a brand that not only sells clothing that fits ALL body types, yet still looks sexy, but also a brand that supports survivors of sexual violence by donating 10% of profits to RAINN. There is still so much work to do in the business world in terms of gender equality and I get to be a part of that work that drives change. I love it and feel that it's an important part of my role as CEO and founder.

Thanks to Lanai Moliterno, Live Sozy!

#10- Putting a smile on someone’s face

Photo Credit: Nicky Taveras

It might sound corny or cliche, but aside from making a living in real estate, there is one reason above all that I love my industry for. There is nothing more magical than helping a family move into their first home, or finding a buyer for a customer so they can move on with their life and follow their dreams. The human aspect is responsible or keeping me interested all these years, through the good times and the awful times. It’s difficult to enjoy it as much now during the pandemic but putting a smile on someone’s face and tears of joy in their eyes makes working in real estate MORE than worth it!

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Thanks to Nicky Taveras, DNT Home Buyers!

#11- Growth and the room to shine

Photo Credit: Roli Edema

It's a privilege to be part of the personal development community – an industry that's so focused on continuous improvement and challenging the status quo. Every project you work on simultaneously contributes to your personal and professional growth. Additionally, there's a lot of room to let your personality shine through your business activities. For example, no two personal development blogs are ever the same – each has a unique value proposition that's driven by the character and values of each individual blogger. I wake up each workday ready to explore new topics that are potentially life-changing, for both myself and my readers.

Thanks to Roli Edema

#12- Being the main source of information

Photo Credit: April Maccario

Since I am a website founder, I can consider myself belonging to the digital industry. I love being part of the digital world because nowadays, it has become the main source of information of everyone. People are turning to the online platform for their daily needs and activities. That's why it is a high time for us website owners to put up our advertisements and do our work persistently. We just have to be consistent in posting great and attractive contents so we can generate leads and increase traffic in our website.

Thanks to April Maccario, Ask April!

#13- Constant change

Photo Credit: Ryan Jones

The biggest thing I love about my industry (SEO) is that it is constantly changing! You are always having to learn new things, whether it's new software or tactics to learn and strategies to use. There really is no time to sit and stagnate, because if you do that, your site will drop down the rankings and you'll quickly find yourself struggling for sales. It keeps you on your feet, keeps you motivated and keeps you at the top of your game!

Thanks to Ryan Jones, Land of Rugs!

#14- The scalability

Photo Credit: Joshua Wood

I'm in the app industry and I absolutely love the scalability of it. The foundations for growth have been put in place by the likes of Apple and Google so it's a super exciting space to be in. If you have a great product you can reach millions of people whilst still remaining quite small as a company. There's not too many industries out there where that is the case.

Thanks to Joshua Wood, Bloc!

#15- Keeping people healthy in their homes

Photo Credit: Steve Levine

The indoor air industry has taken on a new importance due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now that's it's proven that the virus spreads airborne causing illness and death, clean indoor air is now longer an afterthought. It's a priority. I love that my industry is providing wellness and safety solutions to keep people healthy in their homes and businesses. I'm proud to be associated with so many people and companies that are striving to make the indoor air we breathe clean, safe and help to provide a healthy indoor environment.

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Thanks to Steve Levine, AtmosAir Solutions!

#16- The continuous development

Photo Credit: Brack Nelson

Digital Marketing industries alike have grown at a fast speed over the last few years and will continue to do so. This constantly puts us in a place to innovate and come up with new ways. This push in creativity and the majority mindset is what I love most about it. The revolutions in technology are allowing more people to take benefit of the power of SEO services and offer their services to the world.

Thanks to Brack Nelson, Incrementors SEO Services!

#17- Manufacturing

Photo Credit: Jim Campbell

I love that my company works with a broad swath of manufacturers to increase their manufacturing productivity and quality. With our help, our clients are now digitizing an enormous amount of manufacturing data to give them insights into their processes and product quality. Some people believe that manufacturing is dirty and boring. So not true! To remain competitive, manufacturing has turned to high technology for solutions. Computers are everywhere. Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and robots are the next wave as recognized by the Manufacturing 4.0 initiatives. I love being able to contribute US manufacturing, since it is crucial to the strength of our country.

Thanks to Jim Campbell, Viewpoint Systems!

#18- Pride in offering protection

Photo Credit: David Peterson

I work in an industry that offers protection for the lives and health of others. I think this past year in particular has demonstrated that our health – and our lives – are the most important things we have. I take great pride in knowing that the work my team and I do is designed to do just that – to offer protection, peace of mind and a sense of stability when our health or lives may be in question.

Thanks to David Peterson, HealthMarkets!

#19- Building your dream while helping others build their dreams

Photo Credit: Brooke Markevicius

If you are an idea person driven with an Entrepreneurial spirit there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your business venture succeed and thrive. The most amazing part about my business Allobee is that we're a company built by entrepreneurs, powered by entrepreneurs, and serving entrepreneurs; 95% of which are women and mothers. Knowing that we play an integral part in helping women (mothers) succeed and exceed in their businesses, especially during hard times like the pandemic, is the thing I love most.

Thanks to Brooke Markevicius, Allobee!

#20- The results

Photo Credit: Niels Konradi

The hair health industry is special as it affects most people around the world. We're in the business of giving women and men better confidence through the health and strength of their hair. Delivering naturally sustainable products which help people achieve better confidence is fantastic. Seeing the results – both in growth of hair and in confidence of our users – is what I love the most.

Thanks to Niels Konradi, Scandinavian Biolabs!

What do you love about your industry? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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