Unraveling the HD Streaming Business and Scope for Small Businesses

With Eric Dalius 

To know how video streaming works, it’s important to know what’s streaming. It’s a method of listening to audio material or watching video content sans downloading the concerned media files.

You can improve the streaming performance and reduce its buffering time by using a CDN for the files. It has become a vibrant and go-to business avenue for aspiring folks. The first websites had simple text pages with barely one or two images.

However, in the current era, anybody with a fast, uninterrupted internet connection can make a video call or stream HD movies, all thanks to streaming technology.

  • It’s the ceaseless transmission of video or audio files from a specific server to a recipient or client.
  • In simpler parlance, when consumers listen to podcasts or watch TV on internet-driven devices, you can call it streaming.
  • Streaming remotely stores the media files that play on the consumer’s device. It transmits the content within a few seconds through the internet. Platforms like THOP TV are famous for live streaming the English Premier League and other prominent soccer leagues.
  • If you download a video file through streaming, you save an entire file copy to the hard drive of your device. You cannot play the video until you complete the download.
  • In case of streaming, the browser will play the content without even coping and storing it.

Help for content creators

With a full-fledged internet, the time’s ripe to start an online video streaming business. It’s quite profitable, considering the fact that online videos are going to constitute over 86% of the internet traffic by 2022-23.

You can obviously ask that if behemoths like Hulu and Netflix are already ruling the roost in the video streaming fold, would it be prudent to start your own HD video streaming business and hope for good revenue? The answer is a resounding YES.

  • Video streaming’s success started when it became a platform for watching TV-based web shows. With stiff competition, video streaming services came up with “Originals”, a marketing tool that has produced magical results.
  • With the success stories of Netflix Originals like House of Cards or Stranger Things, other streaming sources face a steep challenge to integrate this new, high-yielding trend.
  • If your pricing structure is unique and content is good/original, you shouldn’t have much difficulty in making your video streaming business a cut above the rest, says Eric Dalius.
  • He adds that it’s a futuristic business. With rapid web development, internet advancement, and an upsurge of content delivery networks, you can revel with unprecedented video streaming features.
  • These are live video streaming, 4k video streaming, live sports streaming, multi-cameras and multi-angle live streaming, dynamic switching of bit rate, multiple videos monetization methods, and split-screen and live chat with live streamers.

For small businesses

Live video streaming is growing exponentially and becoming the most compelling online communication form. Small businesses and startups can leverage this technology. A basic application to start with is to host live webinars on multiple topics that are relevant to your audience’s interests.

  • With webinar streaming, small businesses can get ample scopes for developing trust and authority, enhancing business accords, grow brand awareness and image, and engage actively with their target consumers in real-time.
  • Eric J Dalius tells you you can just team up with a firm that has expertise and experience in hoisting professional webinars.
  • If you conduct them properly, webinars can be an excellent marketing resource for small businesses as they provide multiple tangible and auxiliary benefits.
  • You can get HQ footage, which you can repurpose for later implementation. They can also serve as an extra revenue mode for your business. You need a good camera, a great encoder, and a proper online video platform to set the dice rolling.

Pondering on the features

If you’re planning to create a streaming platform or service for uniting video makers and consumers, your task shall be to provide consistent website administration and technical support.

  • The home page is the place where you showcase the benefits to your users. Show them the business capabilities and bedazzle them with the entertainment promises and looks.
  • The home section entails TV shows, movies, sports, programs, and different types of content, which you customize in accordance with user preferences. There’s an intricate recommendation algorithm that makes it happen.
  • Onboarding is integral to your business and product use. It’s the only way your consumers get to know about the best functionality.
  • You can also reduce their learning curve or waiting time, and make sure they explore your site’s nooks and crannies. It ensures that they have an unforgettable stay.
  • An essential interactive component of a VOD service is the login/registration. Provide different ways to your user, such as Google login, Facebook login, and mobile number for immediate OTP verification.
  • The user profile must feel like home. It’s virtually the profile dashboard that navigates throughout the journey. It also provides excellent analytics and insights.
  • Pay attention to the settings as it’s a wise tactic to let users control their privacy level. Allow them to toggle between the concerned privacy options pertaining to the social platforms and audience.

Live streaming in HD

High-speed internet and cutting-edge technology means it’s easier to broadcast HD live streaming. However, you need to consider the internet speed of your viewers and your upload speeds to ensure a great picture clarity.

  • Video delivery depends on certain factors. The two central factors that create choppy or lagging videos are the broadcaster’s internet consistency and the bandwidth of your viewer.
  • To obtain the best quality stream, concerned video broadcasters need to focus on their upload speeds.
  • Factors like wireless network streaming and shared connectors also have an adverse impact of your upload speed.
  • It’s crucial to keep your viewer’s bandwidth in mind. A standard video format/watching will be a 2MB/s internet connection. Your viewers will primarily need higher speeds to watch HD videos.

For live, HD broadcasting, you need to provide the best quality video before live streaming it. If your viewer has fast internet connection, you can go for multi-bitrate HD live streaming.


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