Best Practices to Make Your E-commerce Website Stand Out

2020   was a year that saw e-commerce platforms gain more prominence. The Corona Pandemic brought about stay-at-home orders and social distancing. Visiting brick-and-mortar stores was no longer an option available to many people. There was a significant shift to using online platforms to shop

By June 2020, online stores received over 22 billion visits. A significant increase from the 16 billion visits in January the same year.

The competition on online platforms is very high.  Entrepreneurs must do all they can to stand above the competition.  One good way is to ensure a strong online presence.   

Our article will show the best practices to make an e-commerce website stand out. 

Make Your E-Commerce Website Stand Out With These Web Practices 

1. It Starts With the Design

There are many tools online that you can use to build a website.  One of their strongest selling points is that you do not even need coding knowledge.  With some simple and easy to follow steps, the website will be up and running in no time.  While we do not dispute that fact in any way, we would not recommend it for an e-commerce platform. If creating a website for personal use, then that is fine.   

What we would recommend is to hire a professional web company. You get the benefits of their expertise. They will also be in a position to advise on the latest trends that will give an edge over other online stores. A functional and user-friendly design is important if you want to have a successful E-commerce site and professionals would be able to determine the best for your site.

 2. Show Your Differentiating Aspect

It helps to have something unique about your business. What is the unique selling proposition (USP)? Every entrepreneur needs one because it will have an impact on branding and messaging.  

When crafting the USP, think about how your business responds to the needs of the target audiences. Use market research data to show your strengths and how you can add value. See how your competitors present themselves to the market

 Avoid cliché terms that sound good in marketing language but add no value to the overall messaging. Tell a story so that people connect with your brand on an emotional level. 

 3. Images and Videos Will Drive Engagement

Too much text on a website can be uninviting. Images and videos appeal to the visual senses resulting in better engagement with content. Just think about your behavior when you are online.  

You probably spend more time looking at photos and watching videos. You get all the information without having to read tons of text. The same applies to many online users. 

Allocate some money in the marketing budget to take photographs. Stock photographs are an option, but they may not be the best for marketing purposes. You don't have control over how many other people can use the images. You will also not be able to present your unique perspective. Pay attention to the quality of images and videos. 

Please make sure they are high resolution for greater clarity. Shoot the videos and pictures in good lighting conditions. Capture all angles of the products since that is how the customers will get to experience it. 

4. Step into 2021 by Adapting the Latest Trends

There are many new trends in website designs. That is why it pays to have a professional design your website. Customers like to see that the business they are interacting with keeps up with trends. Some 2021 unique web designs include:

  • The dark mode, which allows for fantastic color contrasts. The result is a beautiful website that is very  appealing 
  • Greater flexibility with the type of fonts, including customization options
  • Colorful minimalism steps away from black and white to the incorporation of color in minimalistic designs
  • The use of 3D illustrations and animation to create motion

Adopting some of these trends will need a level of flexibility. Have a good understanding of what your audiences would respond well to. The target market will determine some of the things you can do. Younger people love creativity. It gives flexibility in the use of color, font customization, and illustrations. Older demographics may not necessarily embrace such changes. With them, it would be a focus on simplicity. 

5. Make Your Website Easy To Navigate

When you walk into a brick-and-mortar store, a salesperson may approach you. Their role is to show you around the store and answer any questions you may have. Unfortunately, your online visitor does not have the benefit of having someone to show them around.

While you may have chat options, feedback may not always be timely.  Make the website easy to navigate. It should be about providing convenience and a fantastic user experience. Ensure the following when designing your e-commerce website:

  • Page loading speeds must be fast, otherwise, you will lose your audiences
  • Optimize your site for mobile. Over 50% of online shoppers use their phones to browse, search for product information, and to buy 
  •  There must be a logical flow so that the shopper does not struggle to look for information
  • Page categories should be easy to find
  •  Have the relevant links and ensure they are working
  • Make the checkout process is simple and quick
  • Use categories and filter out any unnecessary information 
  • Prominently display the search bar
  • Maintain a visual hierarchy for easy access to different functionalities. Such include the logo in the header, a search bar, and a navigation menu. The page should also have contact information and a footer. 
  • Do not bombard your online visitors with too many advertisements

6. Humanize Your Tone

Your website language should be warm, engaging, and even humorous, without losing professionalism.  Avoid hard-sell language, which only focuses on selling. Talk to your audiences in the same way you talk to a friend. Show them that you understand their pain points and have the perfect solution. Remember, you will catch more flies with honey than vinegar. 

Final Thoughts

We have looked at the best practices to make your e-commerce website stand out. Start by knowing your target market because it will determine what you can do. We strongly recommend working with a web Design Company. They give advice based on expertise and proper research.


Guest post courtesy of Dan Martin

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