5 Reasons You Should Move to Coworking Spaces

There has been a major shift to coworking spaces in the recent past among modern workers. Digital nomads are moving from their hotel rooms and coffee shops, freelancers are moving from their homes, and companies moving from traditional offices to choosing workspace alternatives in coworking spaces.

Many reasons are fuelling this decision to work alongside strangers drawn from different professionals and fields. Studies have shown that people thrive in their work when working from these shared spaces. As much as it is intimidating, it is highly rewarding. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose to work in a coworking space.

1. It is exciting

If you are a freelancer working from home, you can agree that working from home day in day out can be boring. The lack of daily commutes as well as working alone sometimes can mean that there is nothing new or exciting to discover in your days. While working from home has its benefits, having nothing exciting to look forward to can kill your morale to work.

Coworking spaces on the other hand create an exciting atmosphere for work. The fact that you break from your usual working place shakes things up to add color to your days. Besides, there is always something new to learn from the different people you meet there. You will be looking forward to the mind-blowing conversations in the kitchenette with a digital marketer, lawyer, web developer, accountant among other professionals. If you have been finding it boring working from your home in Hollywood, shift your working place to a coworking space Hollywood to lighten your days.

2. Increases productivity

It can be hard to say no to your TV or bed when working in the living room or bedroom. Chores, kids, pets, and friends dropping by means you work amidst distractions. Traditional offices aren’t free from distractions either. Chitchats from colleagues and ringing phones can also be major distractors. You have to deal with a lack of focus and concentration as well as procrastination, which can significantly hurt your productivity.

Coworking spaces are dedicated workplaces free of distractions. With everyone focused on his or her work, there is no room for side conversations. This also influences you to stay focused and charge through your tasks. Coworking spaces also come with dedicated private rooms that you can choose when you need to concentrate.

3. Spurs creativity

Sometimes creativity is hard to come by. You might need to be in a certain mindset or come across something that will trigger your creativity gears for them to start rolling. However, being exposed to a single working environment with no interactions can really impede your efforts to be creative.

Working with people with different mindsets in a coworking space is likely to give you a new perspective on tasks that have been proving difficult. You are likely to find solutions and breakthroughs to roadblocks just by interacting with people working across your desk. In addition, stepping out of your comfort zone to an alternative workspace can also spark some inspiration and get you in the right mindset that can trigger creativity.

4. It is cost-efficient

Setting up an office whether renting or at home takes up a considerable amount of time and money to be fully operational. Besides paying hefty rent deposits and signing numerous paperwork, you still have to invest in office amenities that can leave your pockets dry, starting from the equipment inside the building to the external concrete installations.

With coworking spaces, all amenities are provided for a single monthly fee. You just need to show up, connect and start working. This saves you time and money that you can channel to other areas that can bring in more money.

5. More networking opportunities

Networking is very crucial for entrepreneurs and freelancers alike. It is through connecting with other people that you get to spot opportunities to take your business forward. Working in isolation or in a traditional office surrounded by the same people every day limits your chances of building new connections.

There is a high possibility of meeting new people every time you check in a coworking space, which gives you opportunities to make meaningful connections. In addition, most coworking spaces host networking events that offer endless networking opportunities.


The place you work from contributes greatly to your productivity. If you want to start seeing more results, you need to rethink your working place. With the above and more benefits of working in a coworking space, you can be assured that you are making the right decision for your work.


Guest post courtesy of Amelia Frank

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