5 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

In this age of constant technological revolution, those who can anticipate new trends and drive them home early and effectively will amass vast fortunes and extend their influence in countless ways.  It’s obvious why we admire their achievements.

But why do we admire their character?  What personal attributes are common to those who do great things in business by relying on themselves?

By and large, successful entrepreneurs are some or all of the following things.

  1. Self-possessed

When starting a small business, the entrepreneurial spirit begins with the confidence to declare to yourself that you know how to do something better than everyone else does.  It takes quite a bit of chutzpah to do that.

Successful, self-starting business leaders are the kind of people who were able to maintain the mindset that they were effective, competent, even extraordinary people – because that was the only kind of person who could do what they were trying to do.

  1. Observant

To do something new, you usually have to recognize in the first place that it needs doing.  Something has to be clear to you about what the next link in the chain will look like based on your close reading of what the rest of the chain looked like.

It’s no surprise that innovators are often enthusiastic students of history.  They enjoy studying how things ended up working the way they do, and making note of patterns that are similar in productive endeavors.  Put simply: they know what works and what doesn’t.  They can see it.

  1. Aggressive

New and eventually successful business owners are distinguished by the ability to drive things forward.  They have a solid business proposal, it’s what they want, and they work hard to get it.  If they have to take out small business loans or throw in all their life savings, it’s not skin off their back. It’s usually as frank and as unapologetic as that.

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In the long run, these people know they’re not truly being selfish because they believe they’ll ultimately be performing a service or delivering a product that improves lives.  They keep the end goal in mind and don’t let themselves get distracted with doubts.

  1. Perfectionist

To the detriment of their business relationships, their reputations, even sometimes their friends, successful entrepreneurs have a desire (some would say a need) to get things done precisely according to their vision.  There’s no detail too small for a business owner who’s passionate about his ideas and dedicated to their success.

For example, Steve Jobs, on his deathbed, ripped off his oxygen mask and insisted they get him one that was better designed.  To the last, he wanted things exactly his way.  That’s to our benefit as iPhone users, but it’s not always a fun quality for a coworker.

  1. Tenacious

Once they’ve set their mind to a project, good entrepreneurs don’t let up.  They keep the end-goal in the front of their mind – for many, it haunts them – and move towards it steadily no matter what obstacles they have to overcome.

Self-made business moguls invariably faced tough opposition in their early days; even consistent failure.  It’s by learning to handle that failure that they were able to eventually succeed.

The Takeaway

Simply put, a CEO who is driven and confident will help keep a business on the path to success. Whether you are an entrepreneur or strive to become one, inhabiting these five traits in some way can help guide you to achieve your business and leadership goals. Remember, even some traits that do not seem desirable can surprisingly have a large positive impact on your entrepreneurial efforts.

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