How Entrepreneurs Can Ride the Low-Code and No-Code Tech Wave

Hate waiting months or even years for your app dreams to become a reality? Of course, you do. It doesn’t have to be this way! Low-code, no-code development platforms are a new way of developing mobile applications. They slice chunks off your development time while saving you cash while you’re at it. So what exactly is this fresh, magical tech every entrepreneur should know about?

What Exactly Is Low-Code, No-Code?

Low-code/no-code (LCNC for short) are development platforms for mobile applications. They're transforming the world of app development all thanks to their ease of use.

Traditionally, app development involves vast technical knowledge, and expensive resources. If you're a business owner looking to make an app and you lack these skills, you're going to have to turn to a developer. This will cost you if you ever wish to see your app in the flesh.

LCNC development platforms utilize pre-built components, so they never have to be built from scratch. Combining this with its drag and drop functionality makes them a handy tool when trying to figure out how to improve UX design on your app.

You might already be familiar with automation testing. It simplifies and speeds up the rigorous process of testing software. LCNC development platforms have a similar effect but on software development. They simplify and speed up the process.

Low-Code & No-Code! What’s the Difference?

Low-code and no-code aren’t the same things. They’re similar, but they’re meant for different purposes. Let’s iron those out for you:

Low-Code is designed with developers in mind. It speeds up their workflow while providing them with complete customization for whatever they wish to create. Some coding is required, however, its need has been dramatically reduced. The possibilities are endless, enabling the production of complex mobile applications.

No-Code is designed with business owners in mind. It provides an ease of use where no coding is required. People with zero coding experience can still develop basic applications. No-code is based on pre-built templates which can be customized, although this customization is limited.

Why Low-Code, No-Code Is Great

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Faster Turnarounds & Improved Testing

LCNC development platforms turbocharge your productivity with development times reduced by up to 90%. However you decide to look at that figure, we can all agree it’s a powerful kick up the backside. They achieve this by effectively simplifying the software development process. This speedy turnaround does absolute wonders for mobile application testing, too.

Developers using LCNC platforms can release prototype apps much earlier than traditional coding. This leaves more time for rigorous regression testing. Bugs get spotted earlier, making your finished product slick. Another bonus is that more tweaks and improvements can be made before release, providing you with a quality product.

If the app you’re planning needs to be regional, LCNC will be right up your street, too. Perhaps you want to try your app out in different languages, or maybe customers in different regions have different needs. For example, think about how US and European customers have different shopping habits.

The way to ensure great performance is to perform a localization test. With the improved workflow of LCNC, your team can test your app in more regions than before, improving the scope of your business. These added benefits make LCNC an ideal platform for taking your business to the next level.

Lower Level of Entry

Another major advantage of these platforms is that they remove the need to get to grips with computer coding. This solves the skills gap problem where employees may not have any coding expertise. By utilizing pre-built components, any Tom, Dick, and Harry can throw together a basic app with very little training.

Reduced Developer Demand

App developers are high in demand because people need their skills. The result of this? High prices. Developing apps is expensive. Now imagine cutting out the middleman and putting together your idea yourself. You’ve just saved yourself thousands in app development fees.

Developers who are in high demand will find that they too can reap LCNCs benefits. With so many people buying your time, you might feel like too little butter spread over too much toast — exhausted! Ramping up your development speed by up to 10 times gives you two handy options. One is to use your extra time completing the projects you could never fit in. The other is to relax.

When Is The Low-Code, No-Code Tech Wave Coming?

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Grab your surfboards, because a massive low-code, no-code tech wave is coming! The low-code market is predicted to be worth $21.2 billion by the year 2022. That’s not bad for an idea that first originated in 2014. Within a decade, it’s estimated that LCNC will dominate mainstream app development activity by over 65%.

Let’s be clear here: Citizen developers are on the rise within businesses, and speeding up development as a result. IT departments are spared endless training sessions. Employees no longer have to be tech geniuses. This means more independent collaboration overall. Citizen developers can adopt LCNC within a single month of education.

The accessible tech wave may as of yet only be cresting the horizon, but forecasts strongly indicate LCNC won’t just be another marketing fad. As it gains momentum, low-code is set to reach an annual growth rate of 40%, making it a great investment for any tech-savvy entrepreneur. The smart decision would be to get involved now, with many companies setting up low-code applications in just 10 weeks.

How to Ride that Low-Code, No-Code Wave

Now we know a bit about LCNC development platforms and how they solve challenging business problems. You might now be asking yourself, “how do I get a slice of the pie?” Let’s explore the options:

Implement LCNC Development Platforms into Your Business

If you run your own business, adopt LCNC development platforms. Educate the decision-makers within your business and make them aware of LCNC and its potential. Get them excited about the many possibilities they could soon bring to life. When new projects come up, people will already know that LCNC is a viable option. Used correctly, LCNC could be part of your customer acquisition strategy, too.

Your IT and management staff should be on board, too. All things considered, they’re going to be the ones spending the most time on these platforms. Show them how LCNC can expedite their workflow, making them more efficient. When new development projects come in, your team will know what to do. They'll know immediately if the project can be completed in-house, or whether a bespoke, outsourced service is required.

Now that you’ve decided LCNC is the way, how should you choose the platform that best suits you?

  1. Choose the right tool for the job. LCNC development platforms are either designed for business users or developers. Low-code works best for developers as it provides them with total customization while giving them a handy boost to their workflow. No-code on the other hand is going to be better suited to your less tech-literate staff as zero knowledge of coding is required.
  2. Decide what you want to create. Different platforms offer different features. Select which functions you need to get out of your apps and choose a platform that can make it happen.
  3. Keep your eye on the ball. One of the pitfalls to speedily making apps is that some companies make so many they forget to manage them properly. Left unmanaged, apps quickly become outdated and buggy.

Make sure to keep an eye on what has already been made to avoid creating any repeats. Even better, make sure what you’re going to create provides real value to your business to avoid wasted time.

Get involved with Low-Code, No-Code Early

LCNC is coming: Get in there early and reap the most benefits! Think of your stubborn, technophobic competitors. With LCNC you can guarantee an absolute killer of a competitive edge over them! Your apps will be based on more up-to-date data, rigorously tested, and released before they’ve even said: “go.”

Imagine you run a company specializing in enterprise search engine optimization. You discover that one of your competitors is developing an app allowing clients to see their analytics in real-time. Some of your clients are interested and tempted to jump ship. With LCNC implemented, you can rapidly release your app before theirs has a chance to come out. This positions you as an adaptable competitor.

Currently, 41% of businesses have citizen development programs. This number is only set to increase. Don’t fall behind!

Invest in Low-Code, No-Code Tech Companies

Maybe you’re not a business owner, a team leader, or full to the brim with mobile app ideas. How does someone like you get a piece of the action? It’s simple. Invest! Do the research and spot yourself a winner. Next, put in the cash and see what happens. LCNC platforms are only getting bigger.

Create Your Own Low-Code, No-Code Startup

If you’re looking for a hands-on approach (and are equipped with the knowledge and finances to make it happen) why not create your own startup?

LCNCs are getting a lot of interest at the moment. Low-code startup, Plant an App, recently smashed its funding goal by over 13x through crowdfunding. They’re not the only ones to succeed with this approach, with companies such as Zoho and Appian having similar stories.

What Will You Do?

Now that you’re clued up on the LCNC tech wave, it’s up to you what to do about it. You can bet that it’s about to revolutionize the workplace in a major way. The possibilities are massive and a plethora of business problems are solved. Why wouldn’t you want to get involved?


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