9 Teaching Tools How Project Managers Can Stay Relevant in Agile Organizations

Even though we all have heard about the Agile project management style, it is the set of various tools and work of the managers that make it successful. The purpose here is to deliver certain requirements iteratively and incrementally all the time without changing the course or objectives. Changes may happen, yet things must be governed by the set of leadership manager's skills where a person thinks less about ongoing processes and focuses on a team mindset by inspiring people to think, analyze, act, and work without all these boundaries that are typical for organizational hierarchies. Regardless of what Agile umbrella tools you may implement, it is the project manager’s attitude that comes first.

  1. Trello.

One of the most popular tools for Agile organizations. It works based on lists and so-called progressive cards. Since not many people can grasp how it functions and may be frightened by the presence of cryptic icons, project managers constantly expand it to stay relevant as they explain how to remain flexible.


It is a must-have tool that provides centralized project communication between all team members. Regardless of what project template a project manager has to deal with, this tool teaches visualizing progress and deliver Agile projects differently. It also has a great set of tools to collect feedback from the clients.

  1. JIRA.

If a project manager wants to learn about the bug and issue tracking tools, it is one of the safest choices even for beginners. It is a unique workflow environment because you can take various approaches to problem-solving. For example, workflows, fields, issues, or log handling of similar issues.

  1. Pivotal Tracker.

It is a vital teaching tool for project managers in an Agile environment that is mostly used for software development tasks or data science projects. In simple terms, it helps to visualize projects by breaking down complex aspects into simpler chunks that can be managed. It also teaches evaluating possible outcomes and estimate approximate project completion. A great tool that highlights a practical side of Agile work.

  1. Asana.

One of the best task management tools for Agile organizations that project managers should check for teaching purposes. It has a creative workspace that can help improve one’s social skills. It has a friendly notes and comments system that is great for small projects and midsize organizations.

  1. Binfire.

This online management system supports Agile management environments and has lots of essential functions already included. It has a message board, interactive whiteboard, project folders, notes, burndown charts, document editing, and more. Most importantly, it provides real-time alerts, which project managers must consider.

  1. nTask.

It is an amazing tool if you are used to working with the task boards as you collaborate. It is actually an essential tool for project managers because it helps to schedule meetings, share information in public or privately, and save precious time when managing urgent tasks. It is quite simple and stands out from the rest by being accessible. Learn to keep every bit of text accurate and ensure that there are no mistakes or repetitions. You can approach writing experts by typing proofread my essay and get all of these grammar and style matters handled right. It will also show you as an accurate, responsible project manager!

  1. VivifyScrum.

The best Agile management teaching tool for project managers belonging to smaller companies. If you want to teach Kanban board methodology or approach Product Backlog features, it lets you manage multiple projects at once. An addition of a time tracker will help every project manager stay relevant by focusing on the functionality of certain implemented ideas.

  1. StoriesOnBoard.

It’s a visual planning tool that project managers must consider for teaching purposes. It has a “user story” approach that uses mapping. The world's top companies use it to visualize and explain project objectives. It integrates with the most popular Agile tools like Trello, DevOps, or JIRA.


The Collaboration Matters

team collaborating

The role of project managers or Agile leaders cannot be underestimated, even though Agile projects must take a collaborative approach to function right. One may add a plethora of digital or teaching tools to complete some task, yet it is always the work of the project manager that helps connect the dots and makes discussion of every pressing issue a breeze. The project managers help to establish a healthy environment in multicultural teams, shape the workflow, coach people and adjust things according to occurring challenges without making some people feel more or less important.


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