Why is Marketing Research Important To a Business?

Doing market research for your business is a process that a lot of business owners try to avoid. People want to come up with an idea and start selling a product. More often than not, a lot of people will pass over carrying out actual market research.

It is hard to get away with not doing proper market research, especially if you are a small business owner. This is because your business needs customers to grow. And if you do not make sales at the company, your business could experience an unavoidable closure. However, market research will help you determine where to find customers your business needs so much. 

What Does Marketing Research Mean to Your Business? 

A lot of people skip doing marketing research intentionally. Others do it because they do not know its meaning or the benefits it offers to a business. So, what is marketing research?

Marketing research is an effort by businesses to learn more about their potential customers. It helps companies know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. There are many people that mistake market research with carrying out surveys or studying a group of people. These strategies play a prominent role in marketing research, but there is more to be done.

To do marketing research, you need to talk to potential customers around you, especially if you run a local business. During this process, you identify the pain points and expectations of your customers. At the end of the process, you can comfortably sieve out helpful information that will help in the smooth running of your business.

You can also utilize social media channels to carry out market research. Facebook groups, for example, can be very instrumental in finding a social gathering of potential customers. When you have insights into what your potential customers need and want, you can create promotional strategies for your business. 

As mentioned before, surveys will help too. When you couple surveys with conversing with potential customers, then you have done effective marketing research. But to what end? Why do you have to talk to customers before starting your business?

Importance of Marketing Research to a Business

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Why should you do market research? How will it benefit your business? There are three primary ways that marketing research can help a business. Marketing research helps you identify customers' needs, study how they behave and understand what they want. 

Here are some of the important facts about doing market research:

  • Marketing research opens your business to potential opportunities.

After your marketing research, who your customers are, what they want, and how you can reach them become clear. Your business may or may not be able to cater to all their needs. If your business cannot cater to your customers' needs, you can look for partnership opportunities with other companies. This way, your business and the partnering business can make more profit while satisfying your customers. This is a win-win situation for everybody involved.

Also, a study of your business's potential customers will expose you to many things that they do. For instance, it can reveal other similar products that they buy and why. This can direct the efforts put into upgrading your services and increase the value you offer. Another thing about marketing research is that it helps you identify the location of your potential customers. So, when conducting business marketing campaigns and promotions, you can effectively target your customers and maximize profit.

  • Marketing research reduces the risks associated with starting a business.

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, over 50% of businesses with employees close after five years. As a startup with the vision to grow big and become a household name, you need to learn to retain and make new customers. Your business can achieve this by conducting comprehensive market research. 

It is not enough to conduct market research before you begin a business and then sit back after that. You need to do it again from time to time to see if anything has changed with your customers. Life is dynamic, and changes occur, so you want to ensure that your business still meets your customer's needs.

When do you need to do market research? When your business or startup is about to launch a new product or service. Market research is necessary to test whether the public will accept the idea. If you notice a drop in sales, you should conduct marketing research to see why customers are not coming back. It could be an error in your service delivery that needs to be fixed or a problem with the product or service itself. 

  • Marketing research allows you to create suitable marketing materials.

When you are marketing your business, appealing to your customer's needs is vital. Marketing research reveals potential customer's needs, making it easy for you to create marketing materials that will convert.

Also, marketing research will help you identify your customers with their demographic. This will help you speak to them in a way that resonates with them. 

  • Marketing research allows you to outsell your competitors.

Because you understand your customers better, you will be able to serve them better than your competitors. This is what marketing research can do for you.

Marketing research gives you access to your customer’s views on competitor products and services. You can assess the information gathered and use them to improve your business. With marketing research, you can also find and invest in a part of your business niche where no one is targeting. You can be the first to tap into that niche and make money

  • Marketing research allows you to set goals. 

When you know your customers and their problems, you can provide solutions and profit from this venture. This way, it becomes easy to set realistic goals and achieve these goals before your set deadline.

Marketing research gives your business direction. You know where your business is headed, you know who you are serving and how best to go about it.


There are a lot of benefits that marketing research presents to your business. It allows your business to take calculated risks and make informed decisions. Market research provides you with a data analysis report, which guides your judgment when making plans. It saves you the stress of having to guess and face unending failures. 

You don't have to spend forever doing market research; begin by learning about your customers and competitors. Draw a plan and execute your plan. Do your market research again, draw better strategies, and repeat as needed.


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