7 Amazing Packaging Trends for eCommerce to Watch in 2021

The packaging serves as the presentation for your product. As time passes by, the trend also changes in marketing and in packaging. If you are into eCommerce, you understand that the packaging of your product plays an important role in getting the attention of your potential customers. Here are some of the most amazing packaging trends for eCommerce in 2021: 

Gradient Packaging

It is provided in a study that people are visual creatures. They are attracted with colors and the human brain reacts according to the color that the eyes are seeing. This is where gradient packaging comes in as it provides a different aesthetic feels to your packaging. Adding some sprinkles and making your design look extremely good with gradient colors will make your product standout. Manipulating the color scheme and making the logo standout is one of the trends this year.

Customized Packaging

This is one of the booming trends because people are no longer focused on aesthetics. They also look into functionality and this is what you can achieve when you customize your packaging. Instead of just putting the logo as the main design, you can introduce the function of your product in the packaging itself. Adding some minor changes in the design to make it look better in terms of introducing the product will definitely bring you in the next level of marketing.

Story-Driven Packaging

Spirits packaging and story-driven packaging catches the attention of people. Most of the customers purchasing something because of interest. When you include the story of your company or how the product is created, people will have a personal encounter with the product that they are purchasing. This will allow them to remember your brand even after some time.

Packaging with Invisible Barcodes

Barcode is a universal tool that is included in products. In some products, the stripes may not look good and may have an effect on the overall design. With this, you can consider using invisible barcodes that can printed all over the packaging. This way, it will be easier for people working on the stores to scan it. Aside from that, it will not affect the original design of your product. You do not have to consider adjusting just to be able to make it look good again.

Minimalist Packaging

Minimalism is the trend in contemporary time. People no longer appreciate so much details and they would prefer seeing lesser information and design in packages. The simpler the packaging, the more attractive it can be. Try to eliminate the details that are not necessary in the packaging. What made minimalist packaging a trend is its obviously cheaper cost and its lesser complexity. This is a technique that is applicable not only in eCommerce but also in traditional stores.

Digital Printing Packaging

The print media industry has provided different changes in retail industry. Businesses are already transitioning to digital print because of the practicality and flexibility of this method. With digital print, you can present your product in a realistic manner. You do not need to make people guess the exact appearance of the product that you are selling. What they see is what they get. If you want to communicate with your potential customers better, digital printing is certainly the best option for your packaging.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Flexible packaging is another trend in 2021 that includes sustainable and environmentally friendly designs. People have now become more and more aware of the amount of trash that they are throwing. The effect to the environment makes a lot of us realize that we should be accountable with our buying decisions. With that, environmentally friendly packaging is one of the considerations of people whenever they need to purchase an item. If you are going to make use of materials that are sustainable, you will also be able to get more people to appreciate your product.

A product packaging says a lot of things about your brand and the product that you are selling. With the right materials and appropriate design, it will be easier for you to reach more people. There are different considerations whenever you are planning to redesign your packaging. First, think of the trend and research about the biggest and more sought-after designs. Determine the one that will be applicable to the product that you are trying to present.

Aside from the aesthetics, the functionality of your packaging should also be one of the things that you need to think about. All of these factors can be achieved and it will be easier for you to show your product online and even in a traditional setting with the best packaging design. Invest in this part and you will certainly be winning as a brand in 2021.


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